French Cameroun Authorities Ignite Infighting Amongst Ambazonians

French Cameroun Authorities Ignite Infighting Amongst Ambazonians

By Mbah Godlove

The colonial administration of French Cameroun has begun taking stringent measures to inplant infighting amongst Ambazonians.

Earlier on Wednesday October 31 in Donga mantung county of the Northern Zone, a group of Southern Cameroonians were empowered to challenge Ambazonian fighters in Nkambe.

For several weeks, Gerald Ngala, a colonial slave boy in the area, has been rallying the boys to set up what he calls “a local vigilante group to combat terrorists.”

Sources say instructions came from the colonial minister of interior, Paul Atanga Nji for the groups to be formed and equipped with modern weapons.

After operating militia groups in hiding for nearly 2 years now, the occupational regime has decided to function in broad daylight under the cover of local vigilante groups.

About 2 weeks ago, the ring leader of one of such groups operating in Mendankweh, identified as “Scopi”, was nuetralized by pro-independence fighters.

The said leader had promised the baby-killer Biya regime that he was going to erase restoration fighters in Babanki, Bambili and Mendankweh within 90 day.

Contrary to his expectations, Commander Fire of Mendankweh tactfully ceased his breath in order to preserve the godly-ordained revolution.

Many a Ground Zero resident has lampooned the idea of creating vigilante groups, stating, it is intended to waste more Ambazonian life’s given that the fight will now pitch Southern Cameroonians against one another.



  1. Mukong

    November 1, 2019 at 6:20 PM

    We cannot all the time be pointing fingers at Yaounde. This is because it is really sickening that while our gallant youths at all cost are defending themselves with rudimentary tools, we have impostors here in the diaspora repeatedly organizing fund raising parties to enrich themselves rather than providing the right sugar cane and groundnuts (grah nuts) to our youths. How can people who call themselves pastors, be so callous as well as clueless of the fact that there is no greater love than for a human being to show empathy towards the pain and sufferings of their own brethren.


    November 1, 2019 at 10:31 PM

    Its a Chance to make the boys with equiped weapons our friends in the struggle with possibilities of having cheap weapons from them and making them to defect.
    they can play well if we know how to handle them well.

    La republic can use all their cards and will come to nothing.

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