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Ambazonian IDP Suffers Sexual Violence in Buea



Ambazonian IDP Suffers Sexual Violence in Buea

By Mbah Godlove.

A 13year old Internally Displaced Person (IDP) has been sexually assaulted by a man who has been hosting her in Buea.

The teenager in question, BN has learned, fled from Ossing village, Manyu County owing to the worsening war of liberation.

Stranded in Buea where she arrived about five months ago, a man in Buea Town a locality in the Ambazonian Capital opted to accommodate her.

For more than four months now, the teenager has been subjected under sexual torture by man she had regarded like a father.

The said victim who is heavily pregnant for her host has not been able to mention her ordeal to anyone due to fear of being driven from current shelter.

“Sometimes she (the victim) comes home when the man is with another woman. She stays out until her host finishes his affair before she could ever get into the house”, a witness recounted.

It is not unusual for children fleeing armed conflict in Ambazonia to be subjected under such horrendous practices.

The 13 year old girl who fled from Ossing months ago thought she would have a peace of mind in Buea.

Far from her expectation, she is pregnant out of her own liking for a man she had regarded as her own father far from home.

The story of this teenager is just out of a myriad girls of Ambazonian girls who are undergoing such Sexual Violence.

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