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Schools Must Resume, If you care go tell Vipers- Fr. Anthony Lawir








The choice of Fr. Anthony Lawir to say Mass today in the Kumbo Cathedral was not coincidental. It was well planned because he is the Diocesan Catholic Education Secretary and obviously had to endorse the start of School come Tuesday August 7th.

Where Father failed was that he was very arrogant in his sermon and lacked humilty which is one of the traits in serving God’s Flock. He bullied the Kumbo Cathedral Congregation that “schools must reopen”. He said that people abroad were sending their kids to school and asking poor parents back home to keep theirs at home. He further went ahead to argue that Gov’t teachers that started the strike were comfortably earning their salaries despite the blank school year while Private and Lay School Teachers had suffered all along without salaries. He further said in a rhetorical tone that schools must resume and if the Christians cared they should tell the vipers to go for him.

Where he exposes his hypocrisy is that he failed to give reasons why Catholic School Teachers have not been paid given the fact that before the teacher’s strike took effect, more than two third of School Fees had been paid in Catholic Schools. It is worth of notice that Fr. Anthony Lawir is one of the Members of the Consortium that stood tall during the stand off with the Goghomo Commission that sought to let school start last year. Could Fr Anthony Lawir be one of the traitors whom it was alleged that they wanted to receive millions from the Goghomo Commission?

However the good news is that Fr. Lawir tasted the Kumbo Cathedrals’ opinion and had a pleasant response. It was repulsive and adamant. After Mass Christians were heard telling him to send ” his own hidden children to school”…..The struggle just started.

A concerned Christian that attended the church Service

Culled from Shey Tatah Sevidzem

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