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Colonial Regime Accuses Ambazonia Fighters Of Financial Extortio



Colonial Regime Accuses Ambazonia Fighters Of Financial Extortion

By Mbah Godlove

French Cameroun’s Minister of the interior, Paul Atanga Nji has accused pro-independence fighters of extorting money from over 1000 people using mobile communication services.

Speaking recently in Yaounde, the Biya slave boy announced he had given 45 days for mobile communication companies to identify those he called unscrupulous individuals who have been illegally collecting money from citizens.

It remains unclear how Paul Atanga Nji got the statistics, but BaretaNews sources in Yaounde say the move is meant to divert national and international attention from the Ngarbuh incident which saw the killing of over 30 Ambazonian citizens by the unruly Biya soldiers.

In order to deviate attention on the regime and reduce pressure from the international community, the illiterate Interior Minister framed up the story to sabotage activities of pro-independence fighters.

Reacting to Mr. Atanga Nji’s statement, renowned Ambazonian activist and CEO of BaretaNews, Mark Bareta, said it was another moment of blunder from the French Cameroun colonial government.

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