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A show of force: The Political Class Makes Bold Statement With 10M Pledge








10 Million Francs Pledges to Renovate Burn-out Sacred Heart College Hostel: A More Reason why the Present Political System in the Cameroons must be Completely Destroyed.

In a typical elitist fashion common among men of the upper class and some bourgeoisies in the Cameroons, it was not up to 24 hours after the controversial fire incident at Secret Heart College Mankon yesterday, that we saw a list of supposed ex-students circulating on social media with a whooping total sum of 10.110 million francs pledges from them for the renovation of the destroyed hostel. This act is not only preposterously disgusting, but it evidently explicates why in a restored Southern Cameroons, the leaders must ensure that the present political status quo in the Cameroons is completely decimated and if possible, apply the Gerry Rawlings strategy to clean the system.
It is very shameful that in a series of schools touched by arsonists, Secret Heart College is the only one that has gotten the attention of “nobbles” including that of the colonial governor.

Supposed Ex students pledge

The list of pledgers, which constitute names of high profile regime barons in the name of ex-students, does not appear to be a list of genuine generous and philanthropic parents who desire to see ALL children in the polity acquire decent education, but a bunch of self-seekers and political jobbers positioning themselves for recognition by the dying regime and eventually rewarded with political appointments and (or) government contracts. If their supposed benevolent action is not anchored on the above egocentric reasons, what account for the fact that since the beginning of this crisis, many educational institutions both government and private have witnessed acts of arson, but without any attention or support from such individuals? Why is it only Sacred Heart College Mankon that is receiving such noble attention?

How many burned-out schools in the North West and South West Regions have the colonial governors visited and upgraded security? Why did BIR officers not clear grasses in All the schools? What happens to the security of students of BCHS Nkwen, St. Paul’s College, GHS Mbunjo and many others? Who shall renovate their own destroyed classrooms and dormitories? Why only Sacred Heart College? Is it because it is their core interest that has been touched? What are this big men telling us the common masses?

Do not get us wrong, remember that no one is against “acts of generosity” expressed by ex-students. We are simply analyzing things as they present themselves. This is a clear case to show that this system is design and tailored just for the safety and survival of the political class. That is why schools like Sacred Heart College Mankon which is mostly for the children of political and state bureaucrats shall continue to receive the first and best attention in such times, while those of the common people remain open for attacks. If power truly belongs to the people, then it is time to completely destroy such a system and build another that thrives on equity, narrowing the gap between the upper and lower classes in our society.

James Agbor

BaretaNews Correspondent

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