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CDC Head Office To Yaounde: CDC GM REACTS



Few weeks ago, social media, Cameroon print media, and BaretaNews reported on the planned transfer of CDC head office from Bota Limbe to Yaounde. Cameroonians in their thousands on Social media, radio talks condemned the planned move. Youth Leader Mr. Ekosso Prince of USDP had planned a protest march in Limbe today 15th July against the purported transfer of the CDC head office to Yaounde.

The General Manager of CDC has issued a communique on July 14th, 2016 to Media organs to calm the fears of the public. The General Manager Mr Franklin Njie wrote : ” The ongoing misinformation in social media, the internet, tabloids, and some pressure groups pertaining to the alleged transfer of the head office of the CDC appears to be based on the misinterpretation of Article 4 of the article Association of the CDC approved by the Head of state in Decree No 2016/032 of January 19, 2016. This article is entitled Registered Office-Branches. It reads thus: ” The Head Office shall be at Bota-Limbe. However, it may be transferred to any other place in the country by resolution of the Extraordinary General Assembly. The change of the place of the Head Office shall entail the amendment of the Articles of Association by the corporation. The amended Articles of Association shall be subject to approval by decree of the President of the Republic…”

General Manager CDC writes to the Media

General Manager CDC writes to the Media

The general Manager continues ” Nowhere is it mentioned that the head office of the CDC is transferred to Yaounde. Article 4 simply outlines the procedure to be followed if and when the head office has to be transferred from Bota-Limbe. As far as we know, there is neither a motivation nor an intention to move the head office from Bota-Limbe. There are equally no negotiations of any kind in this direction”

BaretaNews want to applaud the General Manager of the CDC for sending out this communiqué to clear the air. It should be recalled that this communiqué is coming a day before the planned protest scheduled in Limbe on July 15th. Mr. Ekosso, President of USDP had earlier on had a meeting with the SDO, DO, and other officials in South West Region who tried to calm down the fears of Cameroonians. The protest was reportedly called off.

BaretaNews is happy that administrators are listening to social media. Social media is actually working. We are pushing the Cameroons administrators to be reacting on issues that matter. Something which was hardly the case. These type of actions are important in the political process as it is proactive.

However, social media was not far from the truth apart from the misunderstanding of the text. It still holds that if Paul Biya wants the head office transfer today from Bota, it will be done as it is enshrined in the text. We of BaretaNews and the Anglophone people shall not accept any transfer of CDC Head office from Bota to anywhere within the Cameroons whether now or in the future. That particular article 4 of the Articles of Association MUST NOT SEE the light of the day.

Cameroonians on social media shall continue being the watchdog of Biya’s regime. Social media has given us the platform to talk. Information can no longer be controlled by the state.

God is still saying something.


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