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Today, President signed a decision which creates a commission of inquiry to investigate the ESEKA sad event. The commission will be headed by the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang. Minister of Transport and Public works are excluded.

It seems the Commission has already started work. Information reaching BaretaNews from the Cameroons suggests the driver of the CAMRAIL ESEKA TRAIN ACCIDENT has been arrested. He is presently at the Directorate of the Judicial Police in Yaounde.
It is not yet understood if he was summoned as a means to gather more information from him, is being criminalized or as a means to protect him from any form of harm from the population. His identity is not yet known.

Sources say that the driver complained multiple times about adding any extra wagons just to be turned down by his hierarchy. Some say when he lost control of the train, he called for the Eseka station to freeze the lines, but upon arrival, the rails were blocked and such the derailment occurred. This was done as preventive measures if not it could have been worst reports suggest.

BaretaNews think it is necessary to interview the conductor thoroughly to get insides into what actually happened. We hope his arrest or summons is just a temporal measures for the commission to get to work. The commission should get to interview multiple surviving victims, the CAMRAIL GM, Ministers of Transport and Public works, the Camrail sale vendors etc.

However, we await the commission work in 30 days while hoping for once the Biya government can present to the Cameroun people a credible investigation which is impartial and just.

God is still saying something.

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