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Secretary Of Communications Updates On The Arrest Of President And Others









Interim Government Briefs: Chris Anu Speaks.

BaretaNews followed the just ended live show of the Communication Secretary Chris Anu over SCBC. We now bring you briefs of what he said in line with the current situation.

1. That the intelligence of the IG reveals that the President and his cabinet are in Nigeria. That they are safe and sound. He disregards any information spread by la Republique that they are in Cameroun.

2. That however, they have not been seen, spoken to and even families have not had access to them. That the Nigerian Government is still to grant them access.

3. That the IG as of now does not know the exact location of the President and his Cabinet in Nigeria but intelligence holds that they are in Nigeria. That the abduction is in complicity with La Republique Du Cameroun. In answering a question, he confirms that La Republique after the abduction brought a jet to uplift them to Yaounde. That has not happened however.

4. That the number of those abducted has moved to 11. Barrister Blaise Shufai Berinyuy, Secretary of homeland security can’t be seen. He was in that meeting also. That the number may go up to 13.

5. That lawyers are currently following legal process to address the current situation and that the IG needs money now more than before. Therefore, all are called upon to contribute at

6. That Ambazonians must not panic and they must not listen to CRTV or any other contrary information. That the IG is in total control of the situation.

7. That world wide demonstrations at various Nigerian embassies have been activated henceforth. That country heads must coordinate this protest to call the attention of the Nigerian Government in abducting refugees and other nationals.

8. That Ambazonians home got just two things to do to keep the tempo up. Individuals must enforced Ghost towns and school boycotts. That everyone must take it as a duty to engaged in these actions.

9. That the Vice President whose name they will not reveal now for security purposes is in charge. That the VP gives instructions and the Cabinet follow. That we must recall the VP is on ground Zero.

10. That we must live free or die

This is BaretaNews briefs from the IG Communication Live show updates on SCBC.

Mark Bareta
CEO and Publisher, BaretaNews

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