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French Cameroun’s Military Barbarism: Ambazonian Civilians In Danger!



French Cameroun’s Military Barbarism: Ambazonian Civilians In Danger!

By Mbah Godlove

As the search for the dreaded Ambazonian General, FM No Pity reaches apogee, innocent civilians continue to burn the brunts of French Cameroun’s military atrocities.

For half a decade, Ambazonian civilians have been toiling in the wrath of colonial soldiers, a situation that is said to have deteriorated in the past weeks.

This human destruction follows a humiliation suffered by colonial troops in the hands of FM No Pity, September 16, 2021.

From Ngoketunja to Bui, Boyo, and Menchum, civilians have been in pain as colonial forces continue to wreck havoc in the name of searching for General No Pity.

Killing, looting, and razing of homes have been rampant in the past few days.

Civilians have repeatedly complained of colonial barbarism which they say is unbearable.

Most of them are now seeking safety in nearby bushes, BaretaNews has learned.

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