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Ambazonia Forces In Bafut Promise Tough Times For New Colonial D.O



Ambazonia Forces In Bafut Promise Tough Times For New Colonial D.O

By Mbah Godlove

Ambazonian fighters in Bafut local government Area are poised to frustrate activities of the newly installed colonial Divisional Officer (D.O).

Shortly after the said French Cameroun administrator was commissioned into office Thursday, November 4, Restoration fighters in Bafut began laying out strategies on how to frustrate any plans by the new official to accelerate the enslavement of locals.

Top Ambazonian Commanders in Bafut have for the past 24 hours been brainstorming on how to capture or expel the newly installed colonial D.O and his collaborators from the LGA.

The recent loss of some brave fighters on the battlefield has equally been on the table as restoration fighters reflect on better countermeasures.

The days ahead promise to be deadly as several forces of occupation are reported to have been deployed to major localities in Bafut in the past 3 days.

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