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Mark Bareta Labels French Cameroun’s Visit To Nigeria As Sacrilege



Mark Bareta Labels French Cameroun’s Visit To Nigeria As Sacrilege

By Mbah Godlove

Renowned Ambazonian independence crusader, Mark Bareta has described a recent move by French Cameroun to visit refugee camps in Nigeria as a sacrilege, stressing that it is a mere pretence to clean its bad reputation in the international scene.

Speaking from Brussels in a telephone interview August 15, the Ambazonian strategist unequivocally stated that the purported Bernard Okalia-led visit to Nigeria, prior to United Nations’ General Assembly, slated for September, is aimed at diverting international attention from atrocities of the colonial regime in the state yet to be endorsed by the organisation.

“Each time the UN General Assembly is at the corner, the barbaric regime plots a scheme to flee sanctions,” he revealed.

In 2019, La Republic du Cameroun organised a window-dressing dialogue prior to UN’s convention to make any possible discussion on Ambazonians plights oblivious.

About one year after the failed Biya dialogue, the occupational regime now sees a possible visit to refugee camps in Nigeria as yet another way to deviate the attention of statesmen from Ambazonia as the UN Assembly for 2020 fast draws near.

“French Cameroun’s actions are getting limited day-after-day. It is one of the stupidest acts to visit a people you [French Cameroun] forced out of their homes four years into a war,” the firebrand Bareta opined.

It is let to seen how the UN would react to the Ambazonia course as participants prepare for next month’s summit given the numerous atrocities committed in Southern Cameroons by colonial armed forces.

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  1. Sunshine

    August 17, 2020 at 1:59 AM

    biya, the bir and bernard okalia to neutralize all Ambazonians in refugee camps in Nigeria!!!

    After NEUTRALIZING over 25,000 Ambazonians in Southern Cameroon, biya is taking the hunt to NIgeria to KILL Ambazonian refugees. his pro-consul okalia LEAVES for nigeria soon to map out how the killings will be carried out. Ambazonians who by God’s Grace ran for safety to Nigeria must sit up and defend themselves because it can be soon over with them soon. biya and his bir are not satisfied with neutralizing over 25,000 Ambazonians. biya wants more blood to flow. Ambazonians must strategies and defend themselves from biya’s forces who are out to kill children and women from Ambazonia. President Sisiku and his government was not safe in Nigeria so are all Ambazonians in refugee camps in Nigeria. Nigeria will not protect Ambazonians from biya – Nigeria has NOT IN THE PAST!!!

  2. Mukong

    August 18, 2020 at 2:54 AM

    Ambazonians, if we really love ourselves like I believe we do then we must intesify the effort to put an end to this paul biya led impunity in our land.
    The killing of our daughters in Bamenda and in Muyuka is just too much. To add insult to injury the lrc terrorists will murder a young man and take pride in desecrating the corpse. How is this possible?
    Is it not ironic that a police murdered George Floyd in Amercia by kneeing his neck and some African Presidents were quick to summon US Ambassadors for explanation, and will turn a blind eye while one of the worse thing that mankind has ever seen called biya is so foolish that he will do just about anything to appease the lazy french leeches.

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