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Cameroun Occupational Forces Start 2023 In Despair As Ambazonia Forces Take Command



Cameroun Occupational Forces Start 2023 In Despair As Ambazonia Forces Take Command

By Mbah Godlove.

Despite threatening to accelerate the fight against the people of Ambazonia in his end-of-year speech, French Cameroun President, Paul Biya and his cabal must be frustrated at the results on the battleground 17 days after the said so-called state of the nation address.

Ambazonia forces have seemingly decided that while colonial regime politicians spend time making unproductive noise, they rather would fight for the freedom of their people.

This January alone, the Ambazonia Forces have overpowered colonial soldiers at different fronts across the territory, with the most recent clashes taking place in Mbengui Road, Mamfe, and Kumba.

The attacks of Mbengui Road and Mamfe which occurred earlier this weekend have left top colonial military commanders panicking, BN has been reliably informed.

On Sunday, January 15, new armored vehicles recently brought to Bamenda, capital of the Northern Zone were driven to Mbengui, Momo county to face up with Ambazonian forces in the area.

Informed of their coming to the locality, Ambazonia fighters took not much time to prepare for what became a nightmarish outing for the colonial forces. A locally fabricated explosive was used to blow off one of the armored cars, resulting in the deaths of at least three colonial soldiers while several others were left severely injured.

24 hours before the Mbengui Road blood bath, a similar ritual took place in Mamfe, the chief town of the Manyu county, Southern Zone.

Ambazonians fighters raided a colonial control gendarme post where they killed one, wounding a dozen others before making away with a pile of ammunition.

This, according to the liberation army is suggestive that there is no space for colonial forces in the territory, what so ever/

With the current trajectory favoring the restoration fighters, it is almost certain that there shall be no peace for the wicked in Ambazonia.

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