Colonial Forces and a Few Hungry Civilians Attend Anti-revolutionary Protest in Buea

Antirevolutionary Protest in Buea






Colonial Forces and a Few Hungry Civilians Attend Anti-revolutionary Protest in Buea

In a show of misplaced courage and defiance, colonial mayor of Buea brought together less than 100 persons on July 31st to attend his xenophobic and antirevolutionary match in Buea. The determinedly stubborn Ekema had earlier called on all citizens of the Bakweri tribe to show-up for a protest match from the Albert Mukong Avenue (Mile 17) to the colonial governor’s office, against what he called “graffi people” and agents of destabilization in his municipality.

After realizing that the people were not going to heed to his xenophobia and so there was a possibility of him marching alone, he hurriedly sent out another message calling on all “Cameroonians of good will” to come out and march for peace from Bogo Square to the colonial governor’s office.

BaretaNews reporter on the scene of the protest march saw a police van ferrying plain cloth colonial police officers from their barracks opposite the hospital junction to the Bongo square to participate in the aimless march. Courageous and defiant Mayor Ekema showed up at the scene putting on a bullet proof vest, covered by his black shirt, thus amplifying his naturally blown out belly.

By the time of the so-called match for peace (originally billed for 10 am) started late in the afternoon, only about 100 persons, made up of mostly colonial forces and some Council workers, including members of the press were seen marching up, with Mr. Mayor leading. In fact, the number of placards with antirevolutionary and xenophobic messages outweighed the protesters.

Even though the Ambazonian restoration forces had threatened to disrupt the march, it was however allowed to go on peacefully, with the colonial mayor and his colonial governor friend registering another disgrace.

The total boycott by the population, despite the heavy military deployment to provide security is testament to the fact that Ekema Patrick does not speak for the Bakweri people and neither does he speak for the entire population of Buea. He has longed lost his mandate as a representative of the people of the Buea municipality.

Ambazonians of all works of life went out forcefully for a peaceful march on the 22nd September and 1st October 2017 demanding for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons. The images and the footages are still in the public domain and they tell the story for themselves.

Anti-revolutionary agent Ekema and his hired 100 followers did a counter march yesterday July 31st 2018. The images and the footages are in the public space. The difference between the two marches is clear and the world can no longer dispute what the people of Southern Cameroons want.

It is time for Colonial Ekema to give up and submit to the revolution. He and handful hungry agents are utterly insignificant to stop this genuine revolutionary journey of the Ambazonian people. If he is lucky not to be used as an example against other antirevolutionary agents in the course of this revolution, Ambazonians can only assure him that he will be there on that day to sing the Ambazonian national anthem, while the blue and white color flag is being hoisted at the independence square in Buea.


James Agbor



  1. Malis

    August 2, 2018 at 2:19 AM

    We know how proud Sawa people are, we know when they come out for something, you don’t need to be there to know it, you don’t need someone to tell you, you fell it in the air.

    We all know how Ekema march will end and those who will be taking part. They thought they could provoke our Amba Boys, but no, we are smart. We are not going to make it that easy for Ekema and his militia to shot at our people.

    Biya and his criminal syndicate are the real “Came No Go”, “Chop Brok Pot”. Even worst, after coming and refusing to go, their next step is to steal the land, rape, kill, burn down whole communities, commit genocide, …

    They did this to the Bamilikes, then they castrated and emasculated the northerners and render them totally passive. They took a few so-called southern Cameroonian politicians and turn them into house girls that run around in Yaounde 48 hours per day with no pants on.

    Then they found the illiterate Ekema Patrick and then they said, WOW, all these Ambazonians must be this stupid, “ALLE”, it’s time for the Ambazonians.

    Never ever did they imagine that, what they saw as two cubes of sugar in their imaginary universe of H2O or a drop of water in some ocean on the sun, is exactly the Kryptonite for the madness, which will finally bring their nonsense to end.

    Biya and his gang are so confuse, they are still to comprehend what is happening.

    We Ambazonians are not going to pay the price for another people deficiency and madness.

  2. Lie no sweet

    August 2, 2018 at 4:50 AM

    Ekema is simply protecting his tradition and culture, which is very normal.

    There are millions of hidden Sawas out there who’re of Ekema’s opinion. You cannot hide in the West and destroy the tradition and livelihood of people in Buea. Those that ordered the massacre of chiefs are 100% not from Fako. They can never do same to their own fons.

    Be ready to face real anti-revolutionary sons of the soil soon.

    You’re going to hoist that your flag elsewhere, not in Fako.

  3. ndolloz

    August 2, 2018 at 6:59 AM

    @lie no sweet slave boy boy,Buea is Ambazonians Capital,Ekema that half bameliki ugly fat colonial french puppet is never going to be a full blood bakwerian,Amba flag will be hoisted in the entire Ambazonian regions,for 58 years look at the entire slum dirt embarrassing villages, your and Ekema are useless slaves for biya who hate the fact that the patriotic SCs are not frightful of him and will continue to fight for total liberation,your time as bribe taking langa fat belly greedy pigs is nearly over, you traitors will be sent to exile in Younde because you are not Ambazonians,you shameful murderer buffons

    • Lie no sweet

      August 2, 2018 at 8:30 AM


      you are gently toning down, thanks to the good work of Mayor Elect Ekema.

      A few days back you’ll have been promising to set me ablaze, but now you’re sparing my life and sending me into exile. This is how we have to start behaving with those with whom we disagree, killings call for nothing but killings. The governor is still reticent to grant Mayor Elect the green light to go ahead and settle this matter under our own terms, he was heard. The ball is now in your court, now that you’re fully aware that there will henceforth be the appropriate answers to your future actions.

      Mayor Elect has proven beyond any reasonable doubt,that you’re no more SC than some of us, who only happen to be a different opinion. We’re behind you Mayor.

      Your capital is on Facebook, you can hoist your flag there. At all times. Not in FAKO.

  4. Mukong

    August 2, 2018 at 5:40 PM

    Reading the post some with the reasoning of the likes of Ekema post here, you will come away thinking that LRC is a homogenous society. Any person with an iota of common sense will know that it is a heterogeneous society dominated by the Bamilekes, Bassa, Douala to name but a few. Yet they are always willing to put their differences aside so as to maximize the exploitation of Ambazonians with ofcourse the tacit complicity of some self centered Ambazonians. Just because a chief died does not make him a more human than the many Ambazonians who have been killed and continue to be killed by the hoodlums from LRC.
    To those who are devoid of self worth, who are willing to submit to the wimps and caprices of a good for nothing murderous french slave in the name of Biya, you are free to go get your loot but do not make your imbecilic manarism to be that of the people.

    • Lie no sweet

      August 5, 2018 at 8:28 AM

      Mukong,don’t you think that you are the one who is devoid of self worth? Are your own people not exploiting SW? What do you have in your village?

      That Ambozonia subterfuge you have forged in some unpaid property in USA to blindfold people, so you can bamboozle SW and take a short cut and become the NEW Bamilekes, Bassa, Douala, BIYA… can never work, you’ll die in USA. Ekema is simply giving you just a pinch of your own medicine, man up and face it and change.

      • Zam-Zam

        August 5, 2018 at 8:49 AM

        And Munkong, Ekema, if we could call him and have his frank opinion, would rather have Bamilekes, Bassa, Douala in Buea than you. Ambazonia is no blood stuff, just a virtual thing.

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