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SDF MPs Foil PM Yang’s Hypocrisy At LRC National Assembly, Fuels Southern Cameroons Litigation








The Members of Parliament (MPs), of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) political party, successfully frustrated all hypocritical attempts of first slave cum Prime Minister (PM) of La Republique du Cameroon (LRC), Philemon Yang, to present the 2018 economic, financial, social and cultural programme from the slave master, amid increasing enslavement of his brethren in Southern Cameroons.

For a second time in an unprecedented dramatic scene that unfolded this Wednesday November 29 2017 at the kangaroo parliament, some 12 out of 17 SDF MPs, forced their way into the hemicycle and requested the Philemon Yang talk the Anglophone crisis or he ended his speech at that level.

Yang in total frustration

Speaking on behalf of the irate MPs, the SDF parliamentary group, Hon Joseph Banadzem, categorically reiterated that the members of the National Assembly would not have a normal plenary session if the Anglophone crisis is not brought in session. He requested that the Prime Minister Philemon Yang (himself from one of the Anglophone Regions), to input the Anglophone crisis in his speech.

“You coming from the Northwest Region should have a better understanding of what is happening to our people. It beats our imagination that you will comfortably mount this rostrum and deliver a speech when you know the crisis plaguing your region has not been solved. We shall not entertain any business as usual in this parliament until the Anglophone crisis is discussed and lasting solution sought,” Hon Joseph Banadzem.

Then, the Philemon Yang in pursuit for an immediate solution to convince the SDF MPS to stop their agitation, beguiled the MPs by saying he will do so. Ten minutes later and running out of wait, all 12 SDF MPs superimposed their voices on that of the PM and started trumpeting at the top of their voices, the theme song sung during the September 22, and October 1 2017 peaceful protest.

How many people do you want to kill…?

Eh! They go kill we tire …3x

SDF MPs demonstrating

Frustrated Philemon Yang could be spotted looking at the MPs in lamentation while LRC house speaker, Cavaye Yegue Djibril was at the other corner suing for order. All attempts to calm the protesting SDF MPs proved futile. Sooner than later, the house speaker ordered for security to bring the irate MPs to order. The SDF MPs stood their grounds at the hemicycle and continued heightening their tone.

After about twenty minutes of protests, the SDF MPs gave way for Gregoire Owona, representing the Minister Delegate at LRC parliament, in charge with affairs at the National Assembly, Amadou Ali. Addressing the parliament, Owona accused the SDF MPs of bridging the constitution by perturbing the smooth running of plenary sitting. His allusions were quickly debunked by the SDF MPs who reminded the frail looking Owona of the very constitution he was quoting.

It should be recalled that the SDF MPs have released a three paged document indicating the condition sine qua non for proceedings to effectively resume at the LRC parliament. They are calling on their fellow MPs to join them in the dire quest to seek a lasting solution the ongoing crisis rocking Southern Cameroons.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews


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