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SDF Militant Calls Fru Ndi To Hands Off







Fru Ndi hands off -SDF militant warns.

This message was sent to me by a top SDF official. When I say top I mean Top. Now I am going to publish it as received unedited. We are however calling on Southern Cameroonians and most especially SDF militants to take note. We must put the struggle above Fru Ndi. The letter reads:

Please Mark: Treat as Urgent! Publish widely and protect my Identity as usual

Fru Ndi is bent on intimidating SDF militants in NW/SW (Ambazonia) to turn their backs against SCACUF.
Shortly after his recent trip abroad, the man has not only made very aggressive statements against SCACUF, but is bent on thwarting the school boycott scheme. He has instructed the Regional Chairmen of SDF for South West and North West ( all elected/appointed officials…MP and Mayor) to hold Regional meetings with their District Chairmen and make them sign resolutions and undertakings that they will convince their people, especially SDF militants to prepare to turn their backs to the SCACUF and the Interim Government of H.E. Sisikou Julius TabeAyuk.

It is very obvious that Fru Ndi has again been promised something big as the Senatorial Elections approach. Of recent, many close to Fru Ndi have been wondering what has suddenly come over him. He started his obsession with Hon. Joseph Wirba. Now, the rest of the SDF Anglophone MPs have signed allying with the Simon Munzu position without Fru Ndi’s knowledge.

The SDF militants are so disturbed that Fru Ndi went as far as declaring his candidature abroad as does Biya. He has scared all potential aspirants like Joshua Osih and Simon Nchinda Fobi and so midgits like Nyamusa are putting up childish shows…to give the impression that Fru Ndi is the only candidate for now. Of course, all of us know that at over 77 years, Fru Ndi’s family had called on him to step aside and come to the family circle and rest, yet, the old man keeps dancing lame and soon the drum will stop while he is still standing alone at the ceremonial ground with no spectators.

Fru Ndi, it should be noted, is so vindictive and obsessed with power that he will not forgive those who oppose him. Hon Jua is today quietly enjoying his private life, yet he has such energy and courage like Hon Wirba, but because he had once challenged Fru Ndi, he was kicked out. The Mbha Ndams and Awudus have all the interest in their West Cameroon Ambazonia agenda, but for fear of Fru Ndi, they cannot manifest freely. How many courageous people are still around to rescue the SDF from Fru Ndi’s solo egoistic and suicidal ventures?

This is our message to all SDF militants in SW and NW Regions. Do not listen to Fru Ndi to continue hooking you with La Republique du Cameroun. If you listen to him and decide to campaign for schools to resume this September before any dialogue and release of our detained brothers, we will fight the SDF and your kids…and the SDF will disappear from the Southern Cameroons before Independence day. The choice is yours: Turn your back on Fru Ndi and his noise making against our struggle or you listen to him and forget about that party in our territory…as we will start burning your party flag if you do not adhere to our call now.

Tell Fru Ndi to hands off our struggle…or we will start with him

Thank you Mark Bareta.

BaretaNews comment: The future shall tell.

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