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SDF Chairman Home Comes Under Attack



SDF Chair






SDF Chairman Home Comes Under Attack

Reports coming from Bamenda early this morning indicated that the residence of Mr. Ni John Fru has come under a fire attack by unknown individuals on the wee hours of 1st March 2018.

Mr. Fru Ndi who prides himself as a fighter and truthfully so has come under intense criticisms from Southern Cameroonians both home and abroad accusing him of playing the same game with the Yaounde junta government.

BaretaNews is told the fire started around the kitchen area of Mr. Fru Ndi’s home. It was swiftly put off by firefighters with the help of neighbours as distress calls went out.

This incident is coming after the SDF Chairman has come under intense and increased criticism for accepting to participate in the upcoming La Republique Du Cameroun elections in Ambazonia. Fru Ndi’s SDF is also accused for conniving with the ruling CPDM who has shown stack no interest in solving the Anglophone crisis. Opponents see it as a calculated attempt to tarpedoe the Independence dream of Ambazonians.

It is the position of BaretaNews that such an attack on the Chairman’s home from whosoever did it was cowardly done and misplaced priorities. Some argue that it was a silent warning to the SDF Chieftain to tell him that the people who once loved him are against and dissatisfied with him. Such warning we think should not be taking for granted and may be a dangerous signal for what await us ahead. We of BaretaNews think that those concern must focus more on arresting La Republique Camerounese officials serving in Ambazonia and use them as a POW according to international norms.

We are confident that no elections will take place in Ambazonia and we shall do it in the most peaceful manner because we have the strength and means of doing so. BaretaNews shall leads in this endeavour.

Mark Bareta

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