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Renewing Our Commitments To Ambazonia








Renewing Our Commitment

Today, we begin a new month. We enter another chapter into the lives God has planned for us on earth. Today, I want to assure all those reading me that each and every one of us have a purpose on earth and until you accomplish that purpose, you will not go away. Today, I want to tell all those in this platform that I love you all. We must each month, renew our love to each other and when we do that, we remain focus on what matters. Somebody somewhere may be needing someone to tell him or her “ I love you and your purpose on earth matters. It may be a friend, family, colleague, spouse etc. Turn around wherever you are and tell someone you love him/her. You can’t tell what those words will do to someone. It saves souls especially those who may be depressed or undergoing some form of internal torture. Put smiles on anyone you meet today by just saying “I love you”.

Today, I renew my love and commitment to the revolution and people of Ambazonia. It is only by God grace that we have seen this new month. We continue to pray that the month of March shall be a month of turn over in our revolution. That many things will happen in our favour and that we will get things going in the right way to have positive impact on our revolution to reach the finish point as soon as now.

As we enter this new month, our leaders Mancho Bibixy et al are in court today, we continue to profess our unflinching love and support to them, that whatever happens we remain together, United and committed to see that they will regain their freedom and march into a free Ambazonia.

Today, you all reading me should renew your love and commitment to this revolution. Make a promise to keep away those points which takes the revolution backwards and invest more love and ideas into moves that pushes us ahead.

Today, I am joining thousands/millions of others in Ambazonia to say, I love you all. Let the rest of the month be the best of us in positively taking our revolution ahead.

This is Mark Bareta


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