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SCACUF and Southern Cameroons Citizen Levy



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Southern Cameroons Citizen Levy

Fellow Southern Cameroons

Good evening. Today, I write to educate you why we have to register and pay the ” Citizen Levy”. It is now understood that majority of Southern Cameroonians accept and welcome the united front in the name of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front-SCACUF. It is true that majority of Southern Cameroonians pushed for a united front. It is also true that SCACUF is not a group but a conglomeration of groups which means at any point in time it could dissolve and it is true that groups which came together to make up SCACUF cannot dissolve. This is why I think we should pay the citizen levy. However, before giving such an opinion, I think if Southern Cameroons are rooting for independence, we must be ready to fund our struggle. It is understandable that some of our people reject the idea of SCACUF and are not in support. The views of these persons must be respected. We must exhibit this tolerance and avoid insults.

I write now to address the thousands of Southern Cameroonians who support the unity front and want to see it succeed. This means that you must support it in all forms. There is no liberation movements without finances but first, this is my advise to SCACUF. Terminology and communication is very important and the choice of words matters. It must not come as an imposition on the people but a request or reasons why this or that should be done.

1. The citizen levy should be changed to a citizen tax. This tax should be for all Southern Cameroonians who pledge allegiance to the Unity Front. A campaign must be made to educate Southern Cameroonians why this tax is necessary. The words “All Southern Cameroonians MUST” pay the citizen levy may be offensive to those who do not belief in this independence dream or share the unity front ideas and may sound exclusive as if they are not citizens, as if SCACUF is trying to make them lesser Southern Cameroonians.A subtle way should be adopted.

2. All members or liberation groups who make up SCACUF should know how the fee is managed. There should be a monthly updates to groups as well as quarterly updates to all Southern Cameroonians who pay such a tax. In this way, those groups in SCACUF who focus on defence, civil disobedience, Law suits etc will benefits from the levy. Once, the various groups are comfortable with this arrangement, the trickle down effect will be positive. In turn, their own members will be supportive. There must be an open door policy of this fee management to all the constituents groups in SCACUF.

Now why, it is advisable to pay this fee.

If you are a Southern Cameroonian and you belief in the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence, imagine thousands paying 20 Euro monthly, it will go a long way to help in the following:

1. The interim government is coming up. Its ministeries and management needs finances. If we cannot fund the interim government then please let us not ask for it.

2. Travelling and diplomacy takes a lot of finances. We need extensive lobbying and movements. The citizen fee will help greatly in this.

3. The management and payment of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation TV needs a lot of monthly finances which if we need to maintain the TV and get a radio in the future then we must pay. I must make this known that Southern Cameroonians in South Africa had been paying this TV fee. This month has been hard on them. It took some countries in Europe and USA to supplement funds to South Africa to help pay the SCBC monthly charges after SCACUF requested. We all saw how Southern Cameroonians in Canada came to the rescue of SCACUF to ensure that the next SCACUF conclave holds.

4. If we agree that our people in Nigeria went on exile not on their own accord but for the struggle then we must be sincere that they need support because they are working for this struggle. These people have left their jobs, businesses and are on exile. Most of us abroad did run because of the struggle, we were already here enjoying. We already have a life that we can at least take care of ourselves. These people in Nigeria do not have. How else do we want them to live? Let us forget our differences in ideologies here or hatred and think about them too. This citizen levy will supplement them. However, SCACUF leadership council must set a quota on this for strict management.

5. The fee will also help to supplement teachers who apply for the adopt a teacher project. Not all have been adopted. The fee can help do that.

6. The fee as agreed by the council should also fund Self Defence and all legal issues.

7. Set up other ground actions as need arises.

There are a lot of things this citizen fee can do. Imagine thousands paying this monthly. It will take our struggle to another level. I want to plead with Southern Cameroonians that this fee is not a MUST and SCACUF must not make it obligatory by imposing. This could be obligatory as taxes when we regain our statehood.

For now, if you support the united front, if you belief in the ideas and visions of the united front then support and pay your citizen fee. If you do not support SCACUF, there is really no need trying to sabotage it. You can constructively critiqued it without being the devil advocate.

I am confident that with the set up of the Southern Cameroons interim government, and the transformation of the SCACUF leadership council into a senate as suggested by the interim government drafting committee roadmap, many Southern Cameroonians will fall on board to begin paying this citizen levy.

The only request Southern Cameroonians will need from SCACUF and/or the interim government will be to transparently as much as possible manage the citizen levy in such a way that Southern Cameroonians will be satisfactorily satisfied such that confidence building will increase for those in the fence to join the train in the next months.

Whether you pay or not, Southern Cameroons belong to us all with equal rights. We all look forward for a Southern Cameroons where we shall live happily as dignified human beings.

God bless Southern Cameroons
God bless you reading me
The struggle continues

Mark Bareta.

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