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SCACUF SG Summons Emergency Leadership Council



On Wednesday, May 10th 2017, Mr Tassang Wilfred, the Secretary General of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia United Front (SCACUF) called for an emergency meeting of the leadership council of SCACUF. BaretaNews gathered that the emergency meeting was convene following the sudden resignation of Mr. Boh Herbert, SCACUF spokesman.

In a two-page resignation letter to the leadership council of SCACUF on same 10th May 2017, Mr. Boh Herbert explained his reasons for resigning. He emphasized that SCACUF needs a more trustworthy spokesperson who is closer to the broadcasting Southern Cameroons Television station recently launched in South Africa. Also, he noted that “the failure to work out and adopt terms of references for partner organisations of SCACUF, is sadly wreaking havoc where the long, sought after the emergence of a united front, should have reenergized participation.” He, however, pledged to continue the fight for the restoration of the Southern Cameroons statehood through MoRISC (Movement for the Restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence).

The SG OF SCACUF noted that the council had not issued any acceptance letter of the resignation. In this regard, he urged everyone to disregard any document indicating that an acceptance letter had been issued to Mr. Boh Herbert. Finally, the SG emphasized that the outcome of the emergency meeting will give a position on the said resignation as well as the many issues raised in the resignation letter.

The position of BaretaNews is clear as its CEO made it known during same day live video show on Facebook. First, we think that this shows the maturity of Southern Cameroons leaders and the type of Southern Cameroons we hoping to build. It indicates that leaders are not power hungry, it’s a lesson to officials in La Republique when they feel they cannot adequately discharge their duties or not satisfied with the way Government functions. Second, the resignation of SCACUF’s spokesman should serve as a lesson and an opportunity for SCACUF to do a self-re-examination on points raised in the resignation letter so as to provide a better platform for the next spokesperson.


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