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WHO Report Cases of Ebola Virus In DR Congo



Cases of Ebola virus has been reported by the World Health Organisation in the North-eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. “Three persons died after contracting the virus”, BBC reported.

Also, it is said that the Congolese Ministry of Health in collaboration with WHO are carrying out laboratory confirmation tests in the area identified. This will go a long way to discover if there are more cases and will also provide the opportunity for urgent medical attention.

It should be noted that “Ebola” is a deadly virus which has once plagued West Africa in 2014/2015 and led to the death of thousands of people. Countries like Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia were the most grounded. Also, DR Congo in 2014 had about 40 cases of deaths that was caused by the Ebola virus, reports say.

In a statement by the WHO representative, “of the nine people suspected to have contracted the deadly virus, three died, with one case of Ebola confirmed through tests at the national laboratory in the capital Kinshasa.”

WHO described the outbreak as “a public health crisis of international importance”. It alleged that teams of medical experts such as epidemiologists, biologists and hygiene specialists had been dispatched and were due to arrive in the affected region.

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