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Njie Mbonde Leaves HELLO CRTV



Cameroon Radio Television- CRTV though popularly known as the arm of Biya’s regime has got some very good programs which are socially, politically and culturally good for the country’s development. We recall programs like Morning Safari, Cameroon Calling, Monday Show and Hello amongst others. These programs have been very entertaining and sometimes hot. We must confess it captures the glaring eyes of the majority of Cameroonians whether Anglophones or Francophones. These programs have nurtured some very good journalists.

It seems the new management in CRTV is shaking things up. One of those talented presenters and/or Journalists is Njie Albert Mbonde of Hello CRTV. He is humble, simple and fun to watch. He together with Co-host Nene exhibited such strong talents and journalistic prowess in delivering of Cameroons most darling program- Hello.
In a shocking announcement to fans and Cameroonians, Njie announced that he is leaving the Hello team after 10 years of stewardship. Cameroonians will greatly miss him. He wrote:

” To you, it’s a picture. To me, it’s an entire story. 10 years running, I looked up to Jehovah for the courage to bear, for strength to endure, for gratitude for all the blessings, and to you all for your encouragements. The shot is my very last in this platform. For 10 years, hello has been me, now am passing on this walking stick to a new generation, praying that the hello heritage is kept alive. Nene and I are sincerely thankful to CRTV for the opportunity to serve, and give our blessings to the new team to journey the ship forward…..all we have to say is thank you ”

Albert in one of his shows

Albert in one of his shows

Though most of Njie’s colleagues received the news with a sad face, BaretaNews sincerely salutes Njie and his team for the wonderful work they did throughout these 10 years. The young must grow and we hope those taking over Njie should even deliver more to keep the dream alive. We of this platform wish Njie a very successful story ahead.
God is still saying something.

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