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The only thing the Diaspora could be happy about Paul Biya is that he visits them often. He is, in fact, the Diaspora President. Biya most often governs out of Cameroon. He regularly spends extended periods of time in Switzerland at the Hotel InterContinental Geneva where the former director Herbert Schott reportedly said he comes to work without being disturbed. These extended stays away from Cameroon – while sometimes as short as two weeks – are sometimes as long as three months and are almost always referred to as “short stays” in the state-owned press and other media. He spends lavishly millions of taxpayers money along with the heavy delegation whenever he leaves.

Biya on Wednesday 24th August left again for Switzerland. His wife has been out of the Country for almost three months. Biya’s last was still in Switzerland from the 27th of May 2016 to June 25 spending nearly a month out of the presidential palace.

Speaking to former University of Buea Students Union Leader and currently a UN aid worker in Egypt-Syria, he confirms the thoughts of BaretaNews ” Biya rules Cameroon from the Diaspora. he spends approximately 292 days out of the 365/ 366 days in a year out of Cameroon. No president in the entire world is airborne like Biya. No President travels out of his country and stays long out like Biya. it’s a sad story. There is no law in Cameroon that can tame this man to stay home longer. The country is boring him. The signs are all there. It sickens me when I hear some Cameroonians say the Diasporans are trying to destabilize the government. Cameroon is ruled by proxy. it takes a jerk dead, a phoney, cold like ice citizen to think that Biya is patriotic. His wife has recently copied his attitude and she is missing for months. A good and patriotic military would have reacted and free the state. Everyone is busy looting and wishing he stays there longer. But we shall put an end to it. the days are numbered ” Suh Remmy fumed.

Ngi Tantoh, Political Scientist and Activist based in Turkey corroborated Remmy’s views ” Going by his frequent short visits to Europe and spending tax payers money since the 1980s bolster the argument that he is a Diaspora president. I think Mr. President and his officials are people with a colonial mentality. Truly, he is lucky president and 34 years in power is more than enough. He should take a rest in order to avoid embarrassment. Again, we must be very careful because his officials have his mentality and we may replace him with another Diaspora president and the game will continue ” Ngi concluded.
BaretaNews cannot tell when President Biya would return, no one knows. He travels at a time nurses, laboratory technicians, doctors, administrative workers in Yaounde Teaching Hospital are protesting for going for three months without salaries.

Wasted Government

God is still saying something.

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