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The power of the North West: Why is Biya regime so careful with NW?



Last week, this forum spoke about the unique traits of the South West People. Whether we like it or not, the SW and NW people are one and for any meaningful change to come to the Anglophone region, if we must start looking at what the Anglophones should take from the government as their birth rights, then these two regions must work together. They must work on their unique strengths to form a united bond. It is not about comparing who is better, but to acknowledge what makes the other best and how it could be used to foster unity as a block- The Anglophone Block.
So what, BaretaNews say about the people from the NorthWest region? It is common knowledge that the North West is the political heartbeat of Cameroon. The people are a no nonsense people. They are determined, hard work and always go for what they want despite the odds. They respect the culture, hierarchy, but if you mess up with them, they will get back to you. They are united in what they want to do and most importantly they love where they come from. They love their region and can do everything to die for it. Above all, most people from the North West ( Northern Zone of Southern Cameroons) speaks their local vernacular.
Just recently, the people of the North West cried foul on social media, radio, etc about the bad road that seemingly cut the province off from the rest of the Country. Reports say the Government has already started rehabilitation work worth 2billion CFA while waiting for the complete road project to be funded by the World Bank and African Development Bank at a sum of 119 billion CFAF ( If and only if it would be done). Indeed, when it comes to the North West, Biya seems very careful.
The more reason you will find more people from the Northern zones in SCNC and other restoration movements than the Southern zones and the more reason the opposition will win more in Northern zones than Southern zones and the more reason all major ultimatum to the government and conferences are held in North West.
While we the people of Southern Cameroons hold the government responsible for the neglect of infrastructural developments and projects within the Southern Cameroons, people from the northern zones always remain steadfast in their resolve to get things done.
When the North West boils, Cameroon shakes. The change that we seek in the Southern Cameroons and the Cameroons at large can only come from North West. They are the pace-setters. Start the pace and let the rest follow.
God is still saying something.

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