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The Feeble End Of Year Address From the SCNC Chairman: Establishing a critical diagnosis-A Must Read



H.E Dr NFOR NGALA NFOR, resident Chairman of SCNC has called on all Southern Cameroonians to show a rare breed of love come 2015, hear him ” I call on you to love one another. Let the fraternal bonds of unity, of being your brother’s keeper be renewed and strengthened. I call on you to reconcile and love each other for in love and confidence we can do great things”. He went further requesting us to bury the evil spirit of individualism, self-seeking, greed and treachery.He warned those who would betray the course by stating traitors never win against their people
He challenged us to asked ourselves the following questions in 2015: who am I? Am I an agent of change for my family? Am I an agent of change for my society and my people? He requested all and sundry to get on board the plane of freedom by stating that ” the more we delay, the more the annexationist regime will sink its fangs and claws into our flesh and life blood and reducing us to carcasses empty our land of its natural wealth”….. He concluded by encouraging us to unite and forge ahead a better country for our people.
As an Anglophone political analyst by my own right, while I appreciate the message from the office of the Chairman SCNC to Southern Cameroonians, I must confess the message is very weak in substance. The message was delivered in the normal rhetoric of freedom literature.The message failed to address the following which are supposed to be the boiling points:
1. The message did not at any point in time reveals the achievement of the SCNC and her struggles within the year 2014.Such end of year message is suppose to tell the people how far the movement has gone to rekindle hope in the minds of Southern Cameroonians.One could conclude that, the movement was stagnant within the year 2014.
2. The message failed woefully to honour the late Chairman Chief Ayamba.The message did not at any point in time asked Southern Cameroonians to pray for the soul of this great man who fought for the movement.The message didn’t ask for a moment of silent for Southern Cameroonians to pause and reflect on the life of Pa Ayamba.This was a sad and great event which occurred in 2014.Liberation movements are suppose to hold high the virtues of their gone leaders so as to inspire those left behind.This only goes to indicate the feud and hatred that occurred between the late and current chairman which saw a tussle of leadership before Chief Ayamba’s dead.
3. Mindful of the fact that, there was media frenzy of the purported election of Justice Ayah Paul Abine as Chairman SCNC and subsequently promotion as Advocate General in the Cameroun supreme court.Considering the fact that most media reported this so called election and many Southern Cameroonians felt betrayed and confuse, I think it would have been the best opportunity for the Chairman Nfor Ngala Nfor to officially address this issue and laid to rest the illegality or sham that was about rocking the SCNC movement.The silence from top official of the SCNC speaks volume by it self.
4. Finally the Chairman SCNC did not give a clear road map where he intends taking the movement to in 2015.Well written words a lone do not mean a thing in the 21st century, we expected to get a clear road map on what and what should be done….Actions we need, Actions we should do…..
These are some of thoughts which ran through my mind while reading through the traditional end of year speech from the office of the Chairman SCNC. I will end with these words from the former SCNC Chairman Belgium Mr Rene who said ” the struggle has been taken hostage. We must FIRST liberate the struggle , then we shall liberate the Southern Cameroons”…..It is a food for thought for all members and sympathizers of the movement.
It is my fervent wish for the movement to see a turn-around in 2015 in all spheres of their activities. The SCNC, SCYL, SCAPO and all movements engage in the liberation movement must do a total reassessment of strategy 
NB: For the entire speech from the SCNC Chairman, send me an email to
Aluta Continua….God bless the Southern Cameroons.
Bara Mark
Cameroon Anglophone Political Analyst
Ghent, Belgium

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