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11th February Boycott Activated As Ghost Towns Continues Next Week



Following recent reports from the interim leaders of Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, 11th of February will be BLACK DAY in West Cameroon. This declaration was made public based on government’s continuous efforts to sabotage the struggle for a better West Cameroon. A recent assessment of the ongoing ghost towns operation reveals a hundred percent success all over West Cameroon. The people are winning bigly.

According to the interim leaders of the Consortium, threats will be pervasive from all angles in an attempt to ruin the efforts of the people. Sources confirmed agents of the government of La Republique have been devising various tactics to convince stakeholders, teachers, and priests to call off the strike action. In this regard, the Consortium assures every West Cameroonian that in struggles for freedom, threats will always come, friends may fail, relationships may fall apart but the struggle must continue because it is bigger than everyone else.

Also, the Consortium’s leaders encourage everyone to remain resolute, determined and steadfast towards the struggle. Emphasizing that the people shouldn’t allow detractors to divert their attention from the struggle. Affirming that there is no neutrality in the struggle. Either we are in or out. Based on sources from West Cameroon as well as updates from the leaders of the Consortium, the one month ghost town declared is going on as planned. In this light, they appreciated the efforts of all Southern Cameroonians for engaging in a positive change for the benefit of the common good.

Furthermore, they reiterated, the strike goes on, ghost towns every Mondays and Tuesdays will continue. Schools, businesses and other commercial activities will remain locked up during ghost towns. This will continue until the 23rd of February 2017 with 11th February being a day when one of the biggest boycotts will be made known to La Republique and the world at large.

Akame Gerald with contributions from Mark Bareta

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