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SORRY: Difficult To Say But It Heals Magically




While growing up, based on my subjective experiences, I came to understand that this singular word “sorry” or “forgive me” seems the most difficult utterances among the human population. Many will shy from saying so because of varied personal reasons, in which self-pride is one of them. Even as sworn enemies, you got to forget the past and move on with a positive and yet easeful mind/heart. I tell you, my people, nothing stays the same, things are changing. We ought to strive for these changes (positive oriented). While then can’t you take his or her hand and say “sorry” and move on… if after saying so, the said party who was hurt still feels annoyed, all you need to do is to give him or her some time for things to bounce back as before. He/she feels the gap that has been created and thus, needs time to rebuild it. You find such relationships, growing stronger and stronger than before. You need each other, yes you do!!!

That said, a paradox revolves around this very word “sorry”, especially for those who regard it as belittling themselves. For it is one loveable, appealing, peaceful, heart-touching word which if uttered in the right manner, at the right place and timing, can transform anger and contempt into calmness and happiness. Can turn a broken friendship into a strong bond- stronger than before, a problem or broken marriage into one loving and joyful union. Accept each and every person’s inadequacies, for we all have ours.

I asked why some persons find it difficult to say sorry and while others equally find it hard to accept it with a kind heart and as a sign of reconciliation, friendship, and love? Yes, it is difficult to say so, and some find it hard to accept such apologies. It is worth saying especially when one is at fault and you acknowledge haven hurt another and it is worth accepting it with a peaceful heart. It cost nothing to say so, it doesn’t make you less of a human, rather it brings you inner peace and self-righteousness. Think deep, realize no one is perfect, and you’ll live a happy life no matter your welfare or financial condition. As I put down this with my pen and paper, at the front of my laptop, in this very calm but warm evening, take it from me, it’s the truth I must say.

Pray and ask your God to give you the grace to say sorry. The word is magical. Once utters, you will be shocked how healing it could be, you will be shocked how magical it could turn situations. As we begin this weekend, I ask you all to take a look within the week to all those you have hurt knowingly or unknowingly and to all those who hurt you in return. Pick up that phone, send a text message and say ” I am Sorry”. Or if others hurt you, text and say ” I forgive you, it’s over”. You will be shocked on how many boundaries you must have broken with many success stories coming your way just by this act. Share with us your experiences

Happy Weekend

By Gerald AKAME, BaretaNews Analyst with contributions from Mark Bareta




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