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Sacrificing The School Year Is A Justified Price- Anglophone Parent



David Makonjo is a Parent. He is standing tall and sending a strong message in regards to this struggle. He is suspending the fees to all students he is sponsoring, stopping his children from going to school and much more. He had this to say:

AS the only ROAD TO LONG LASTING PEACE My KIDS will NOT go to school on MONDAY and until further notice! As a SCHOLAR like many others who have undergone long years of suffering after school without finding a job JUST because they are ANGLOPHONE, as a PHILANTHROPIST who has paid school fees for hundreds of students both at home and abroad who have graduated from studies but can’t just find a job because they are ANGLOPHONE, as FRIEND who has WITNESSED firsthand, my fellow FEMALE FRIENDS being UNJUSTLY denied employment after completing school for refusing to have sex with their SLAVE MASTERS, AND as a FATHER who is sending his kids to school yet there is no clear assurance they will find a job after graduating from college in this country, I have been wondering aloud-what then is the reason for schooling under the present system, if going to school is a crime and our punishment is massive marginalization?

Aware therefore, that we have suffered a lot not because of marginalization alone but equally because of our long period of silence and painful complacency, I now say for once and for all to all the students receiving financial assistance from me, I am suspending payment of your school fees, join the voices for change because there is no justice in following unjust laws. You must know that anyone in a democratic society where the laws are unjust has a moral obligation to break the law. There cannot be any true social reform unless there is absolute defiant none-cooperation with the current system.

Wake up from your long period of slumber because the TIME IS NOW or NEVER to graduate out of slavery and declare our unflinching opposition to the marginalization of our peoples and the erosion of our most cherished culture. Don’t listen to the Chiefs, MPS, Mayors and Senators calling for the resumption of school. Their children are all abroad studying in the most expensive schools because the slave master has hired them to ensure our slavery is pure, real and permanent. Don’t give these folks any reason to doubt our resolve because they will come right away and stab us in the back again. Yes, those who deny happiness to others deserve it not for themselves.

Now we have a chance to be free. But freedom is not free. Freedom comes at a price that all who want to enjoy freedom must pay. And the price of not going to school on Monday til further notice is a JUSTIFIED PRICE. So, my son in BHS Buea will not go to school on MONDAY and will be staying home UNTIL JUSTICE is SERVED and RESPECT is restored to the ANGLOPHONE, the God fearing and peace-loving peoples of Southern CAMEROON!! SO I come to ask you my friends, Will there be any activities on Monday? Should we expose our peoples to imminent clashes with trigger-happy police officers? Do those who deny happiness to us deserve it for themselves?

By David Makongo

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