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South West Chief Conference Meeting Ends in Deadlock

BaretaNews has been reliably informed by one of our highly placed sources that the South West Chiefs who met secretly in a meeting a few hours ago ended in a deadlock as the chiefs refused to collect bribe from chief Atem Ebako. The chiefs had drafted a communiqué endorsing the Bishop’s position but attempts by Chief Atem Ebako to cajole the chiefs with bribes to call for schools resumption was vehemently rejected by a majority of the chiefs leading to chaos and a deadlock.

BaretaNews is told the communique which was already drafted and signed by a host of the chiefs including Chief Fon Mukete from Kumba was torn as the chiefs were arguing and fighting amongst themselves. Chief Atem Ebako who came with huge bank CFA notes had insisted that the South West Chiefs should include the resumption of school. Most of the chiefs shouted and said this is not why they met.

It should be recalled that on December 22nd, 20A6 Anglophone Bishops had issued a strongly worded letter to the President of the Republic Paul Biya explaining the Southern Cameroons history and calling for a quick solution. The Chiefs had gathered to issue a statement to support the Bishop’s letter. The meeting ended in Chaos as the Chiefs could not agree to call for school resumption.

Anglophone Teachers and Lawyers have been protesting since October 2016 calling for a fair educational and legal system while calling for a return to a two state Federation. The Consortium which brings teachers, lawyers and other civil society organizations have called for a Ghost town across West Cameroon.
Catholic, Presbyterian authorities in West Cameroon had already postponed the reopening of their schools from Monday 9th January til further notice

BaretaNews expects the ghost town across Southern Cameroons to be in full force on Monday 9th January 2016
We wish to thank the Chiefs of the SW for standing with their suffering and oppressed people.

Stay tuned with BaretaNews as we bring updates in this regard.

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