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La Republique Special ENAM Recruitment Of “English” Cameroonians is a scam



Joint Statement by Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku
Referencing May 15, 2017, Ministerial Release by Angouing Michel Ange, Cameroun’s Minister of Public Service and Administrative reform, announcing the special recruitment of “50 Pupil Magistrates and 30 student Court Registrars of English expression” into the judiciary service;

Considering that Minister Angouing clearly confirmed that his announcement is pursuant to “instructions” from President Paul Biya as “a solution to the preoccupation raised by some Anglophone lawyers;”

Cognizant of the fact that the host training institute ENAM (now referred to as NSAM) has always been and continues to be the bedrock for corruption, bribery, nepotism, tribalism, cronyism, and jingoism in Cameroon;

Reaffirming that ENAM must be shut down in any sane political culture and its training rubbished for the growth and health of any political system;

Acknowledging that Barrister Felix Agbor Balla and all other Common Law leaders were the key leaders who initiated the judiciary reforms in Southern Cameroons but are still under illegal detention in Yaounde and/or on the run on;

We, public opinion holders, in keeping with our tradition of the Joint Statement to inform, educate and caution Southern Cameroonians, hereby, inform the general public in Southern Cameroons and the Republic of Cameroun that:

1. The struggle is now the people’s struggle and cherry-picked
cosmetic solutions shall neither be binding nor enforce. The solution must deal with the legitimate aspirations of the people of Southern Cameroons.

2. The regime’s move to “solve” the so-called ‘Anglophone’ lawyer’s crisis is dubious and unacceptable by the peaceful people of Southern Cameroons. It is another mature form of dictatorship on a people who have vowed not be cowed anymore by colonial oppressors.

3. Any meaningful judiciary policy shift for the people of Southern Cameroons cannot be carried out within the current form of the so-called union. It must go through meaningful democratic debates, dialogue, and discussion procedures between the leaders of the Republic of Cameroun and the leaders of the Southern Cameroons. Some are in jail and others in exile. A third-party intervener must be involved.

4. The people of Southern Cameroons must not be served with teaspoons. The people have had enough of the short-term policies. The inclusion of a Common Law system for only Anglophones was one in many problems lumped under a banner from the Common Law Lawyers championed by a sweeping call for a two-state Federation or Independence.

5. The use of the term “English expression ” in Minister Anguoing’s announcement is logically dubious. It means that just citizen who speaks English, irrespective of where that citizen comes from in today’s Cameroons, is eligible to take the dubious exam. The dubious announcement failed to strictly emphasize that the exam is meant only for Southern Cameroonians. As such, the call for Cameroonians with an English expression will automatically mean our courts shall still be flooded with our neighboring citizens who would also speak English. This ploy is unacceptable.

6. Why will a father give a child a stone when he asks for bread, or a snake when he asks for fish? Once more, President Biya has openly shown bad faith by cherry picking the least of our worries to “solve.” The people want a meaningful and inclusive dialogue with all relevant stakeholders.

7. Mr. Biya cannot claim to solve the problems raised by Common Law lawyers when he still keeps it key advocates and initiators behind bars, in exile, and having a death penalty option. Also, he has not relieved them of the trumped-up charges against terrorism in particular. All Southern Cameroonians must be released as the first step to anything meaningful and inclusive.

We, hereby, urge, caution and advise Southern Cameroonians against taking such a dubious exams. It is a calculated means to flood state covers with millions of CFA because thousands of unemployed graduates could rush to register for it. Southern Cameroonians must ignore this exam because it only adds up to our problems rather than looking for long-lasting solutions to purported “union” between both sovereign states.

Done this day, May 16, 2017, by Mark Bareta From Bui County and Tapang Ivo from Lebialem County, Southern Cameroons.

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