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Biya Radicalises Southern Cameroons Populace








Good Morning Southern Cameroonians

The radicalisation of Southern Cameroonians is the direct result of Biya intransigence towards the struggle and as days go by, more and more Southern Cameroonians both home and abroad become radicalised. Many who were moderates have seen themselves becoming nationalists within few months.

The regime cannot continue to abduct our people, militarise our towns, refusing to acknowledge the problem, engaging in dialogue, releasing our people and yet turn around to send people abroad. It is laughable . At the same time it becomes more painful that an entire part of the country is in crisis and Parliament or Biya himself cannot personally talk about it to take charge to see it come to an end despite numerous calls from all angles. Yet, the President was fast to acknowledge the AFCON drama, spoke about it and then went on to create a committee to see into it. Why didn’t he create a special committee to look into the crisis in Anglophone Cameroon? This is just to show that these people don’t care about us. We are no body to them and they will use only Military to quell us down and so the militarisation of our towns. Therefore, the nationalism spirit of Southern Cameroons must continue and even go into higher gear.

Despite the militarisation we still see burnings going on. If there can be no security now that schools are off, what happens when schools are open? What happens to students at dormitories at night? Or those going to school from their houses? What security can the state provide? Like I said, Southern Cameroonians are in a very bad mood now and care must be taken.

I have consistently mentioned that Education is not only the art of going to school. Going to school to sit in a class room is not Education. This is what government wants. The art of going to school. Education involves so many things and the right to education while involving the art of going to school also includes the aspect of studying in a serene atmosphere as well as quality education, both of which are missing and therefore, the art of going to school cannot be done. This is the reason we say no school resumption. Both camps from government and Southern Cameroons people have not made the environment conducive. In this case, Government has the knife and yam to ensure the environment is serene, not by militarisation but by releasing all, ensuring safe return of those in exile and calls for a sovereign national dialogue on the issue with third parties being UN or AU to map the way forward.

We cannot eat our cake and have it. Freedom comes with a price and unfortunately that freedom has started with the holding down of education because education is the most important thing. The Political GCE should give you an idea of the mess we are into. In fact, nothing as of now regarding the original complaints the teachers made have been done. NOTHING. We are not fools.

Last night we have seen pictures of CBC Bamenda brought down to ashes. Whom do we blame? Do we blame angry Southern Cameroonians? Do we blame government for its hard position? Do we blame the school for pushing on School Resumption? As far as I am concerned, though schools are not going on, any school actively involved in registration or campaigning to see schools open is directly against the struggle and thus set itself against the people’s revolution. And as we have been warning, there are consequences. With the militarisation of our towns, government agents will likely continue with the burning spree so as to continue painting the struggle negatively likewise our people who are angry might act to set an example. Therefore, I hold those forcing School Resumption and La Republique government responsible for every action and NEVER against our people. Their (our people) actions if they engaged are only a reflection of this evil regime.

Active Resistance begins next week Monday 21st August. Like General Tapang Ivo Tanku said yesterday, if the kitchen is too hot, get over to la Republique to study. It is a foreign country and it is permitted. In Ambazonia, there will be no school. The environment will continue to be ungovernable and in the words of Tapang “Burn the system that bends the rules”

Happy Sunday.

Mark Bareta.

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