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Penal Code: MEET THE SENATORS- Biya’s “Democratic Prostitutes”



Cameroonians are heavily calling on Mr. Biya to stop the promulgation of the adopted Penal Code into law. Lawyers from Bamenda, Kumba, Mamfe have recently been on the streets, others are due to follow. The lawyers plan a nationwide protest to call on Biya to stop the promulgation of the bill to law. Various voices are calling on the Lawyers to shut down the Judiciary. The Bar Council on 16th June 2016 and Anglophone Journalists association on 28th June 2016, have earlier on called on Biya not to promulgated the bill into law.

The SDF, the main opposition party on Wednesday, June 22nd issued a statement during the process calling on the bill to be withdrawn from Parliament. The CPDM Government did not bulge. Below are some highlights of the new provisions which has been voted by both the Parliament and Senate. However, the bone of contention here are the laws on tenants failing to pay 2 months rents and the immunity to government Ministers. Stakeholders argued, these two main issues takes the country backward.

  • Indecent or illegal practices in any Public or private enterprise will lead to complete disintegration, permanent or temporal closure of the enterprise.
  • Renting fraud: Six months to three years imprisonment terms for recalcitrant tenants- (those refusing to pay their rents) will be charged with fines ranging from 100 to 300,000FCFA for evading two months rents.
  • Unscrupulous tenants who before leaving the house damages some equipment will be severely punished.
  • Three-year jail term for begging
  • Immunity for government ministers
  • Illegal sale of drugs is now a crime.
  • Adultery remains a criminal act not only against women, but men inclusive.
  • More jail terms for Homosexual acts
  • The eviction of a spouse from the matrimonial home by any person other than the spouse of the victim is now a crime.

However, Last night, 28th June 2016, when Cameroonians were asleep, the Senate quietly voted the bill and is now on its way to President Biya for his signature. Considering that the opposition has the minority, there is nothing they could do. There is no procedural text which they could use to stall the voting process. They are powerless. Therefore, apart of the SDF senators who walked out during the voting process, BaretaNews declares these CPDM senators as BETRAYALS OF CAMEROONS DEMOCRACY- THEY ARE SHAMEFUL DEMOCRATIC PROSTITUTES OF THE REGIME.

BaretaNews hopes Mr. Biya will come out tall and send the bill back to the National Assembly for review.

NB: élu means elected, nommé means appointed.


Extrême Nord

1- Abba Boukar (élu)

2- Alioum Alhadji Hamadou (élu)

3- Mme Djakaou née Foutsou Julienne (élue)

4- Mahamat Abdoulkarim (élu)

5- Mme Zakiatou epouse Sale (élue)

6- Abdoulaye Wouyack Marava (élu)

7- Amrakaye Martin (élu)

8- Mahamat Bahar Marouf (nommé)

9- Baskouda Jean Baptiste (nommé)

10- Dakolé Daïssala (nommé)


1- Aboubakar Siroma (élu)

2- Maikano Abdoulahi (élu)

3- Haman Paul (élu)

4- Maande Paul (élu)

5- Nguiebe Joël (élu)

6- Mme Haoua Madeleine (élue)

7- Ahmadou Tidjiani (élue)

8- Baba Hamadou (nommé)

9- Moussa Sabo (nommé)

10- Mohaman Gabdo (nommé)


1- Achidi Achu Simon (élu)

2- Wallang David Akwo (élu)

3- Dinga Ignatius (élu)

4- Mme Enoh Lafon (60 ans presque)

5- Wanlo John (élu)

6- Awanga Zacharie (élu)

7- Jikong Stephen Yerima (élu)

8- Fon Doh Gayonga III (nommé)

9- Nkwain Francis (nommé)

10- Fon Teiche Nje II (nommé)


1- Tsomelou Jean (élu)

2- Tantse Tagne Bernard (élu)

3- Tatchouang Paul (élu)

4- Mme Metiedje Nguifo Tchetagne Delphine (élue)

5- Sonkin Etienne (élu)

6- Tchomnou Raoul (élu)

7- M. Nono (élu)

8- Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya (nommé)

9- Djomo Kamga Honoré (nommé)

10- Niat Njifenji Marcel (nommé)


1- Tabe Tando Ndiep Nso (élu)

2- Ankie Affiong Rebecca Amah (élue)

3- Njifua Lucas Fontem (élu)

4- Matute Daniel (élu)

5- Mme Ntube Agnès Ndode (élue)

6- Otte Andrew Moffa (élue)

7- Mbella Moki Charles (élu)

8- Mafany Musonge Peter (nommé)

9- Fun Mukete Essimi Ngo Victor (nommé)

10- Chief Anja Simon Onjwo (nommé)


1- Medjo Delphine (élue)

2- Zang Oyono (élue)

3- Obam Assam (élue)

4- Mba Mba Grégoire (élue)

5- Eloumba Medjo Thérèse (élue)

6- Nnanga Ndoume (élue)

7- Mbita Mvaebeme Raymond (élue)

8- Ngalli Ngoa Pierre Henri (nommé)

9- Menye Ondo François Xavier (nommé)

10- Bisseck Paulette (nommé)


1- Tjoues Geneviève (élue)

2- Tobbo Eyoum Thomas (élu)

3- Din Bell Armande (élu)

4- Mbassa Ndine Roger Victor (élu)

5- Kingué Simon (élu)

6- Ebongue Jean Jules (élu)

7- Kemayou Claude (élu)

8- Madiba Songue (nommé)

9- Etame Massoma Siegfried (nommé)

10- Ngayap Pierre Flambeau (nommé)


1- Naah Ondoa Sylvestre (élu)

2- Mama Jean Marie (elu)

3- Anong Adibimé Pascal (élu)

4- Bell Luc René (élu)

5- Nicole Okala (élu)

6- Essomba Tsoungui Elie (élu)

7- Nnemdé Emmanuel (élu)

8- Nkodo Laurent (nommé)

9- Ondoua Pius (nommé)

10- Pongmoni Jean Marie (nommé)


1- Youssoufa Daoua (élu)

2- Namio Pierre (élu)

3- Mme Asta Yvonne (élue)

4- Ahmadou Alim (élu)

5- Amidou Maurice (élu)

6- Mme Adamou née Doudou (élue)

7- Bebnone Payounni (élue)

8- Aboubakary Abdoulaye (nommé)

9- Hayatou Aicha Pierrette (nommée)

10- Hamadou Abbo (nommé)


1- Salé Charles (élu)

2- Tokpanou Isabelle (élue)

3- Ouli Ndongo Monique (élue)

4- Ndanga Ndinga Badel (élu)

5- Amama Amama Benjamin (élu)

6- Moampea Marie Calire (élue)

7- Mboundjo Jean (élu)

8- Matta Joseph Roland (nommé)

9- Zé Nguelé René (nommé)

10- Mme Aboui Marlyse (nommée)

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