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Ambazonia War Of Independence: Consternation In Obang Over Killing Of Two



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Ambazonia War Of Independence: Consternation In Obang Over Killing Of Two

By Mbah Godlove.

The colonial Military of la Republic du Cameroun have killed two men in Obang, a village in Bafut Local Government Area for allegedly covering up Ambazonia fighters in the locality.

Local media have reported that Valentin Ogum and a certain Benzema, stepped out to buy from a nearby store when they were brutally gunned down by men in French Cameroun Military uniform recently.

While the colonial agents accused the victims of being witnesses to a road blockade mounted by restoration fighters in the area, family sources revealed the duo were innocent.

A cousin to one of the deceased intimated that the occupational forces shot the two men when they had gone to buy okra.

“Arriving at Mile 30, they removed their gun and shot two of them…Turned their back and returned to Wum,” a relative recounted.

Sources say the two French Cameroun soldiers who masterminded the act came towards Wum, Capital of Menchum County, which is near Bafut on a bike, and opened fire on the victims for failing to report a road block orchestrated by Ambazonia fighters.

This is just one of several instances that colonial forces have committed such heinous crimes in Bafut.

They have killed hundreds of vulnerable inhabitant, razed houses and looted property belonging to civilians in recent weeks.

It is worth mentioning that residents of Obang have been in consternation as they mourn the deaths of the two Ambazonians killed by the unruly soldiers of the regime of occupation.

Meantime, pro-independence fighters have had high influence in Bafut, which is situated in Mezam County of the Country’s Northern Zone.

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