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Peace Building In Ambazonia: Collective Efforts Needed



Interim Government of Buea

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Peace Building In Ambazonia: Collective Efforts Needed

By Mbah Godlove.

As Ambazonians join the global community to observe the International Day of Peace for 2020, it is important to underscore the fact that peace is not the absence of war.

It is true that Ambazonians have been in anguish in the past four years owing to the ongoing war of liberation.

It is also not a deceit that Southern Cameroonians did not know peace before 2016.

This reflection is inspired by the fact that achieving peace in Ambazonia is a task for all and sundry.

As it is often said, “Rome was neither built in a day nor a century”. Therefore, Ambazonians must collectively contribute energy to fight for their rights so that the much awaited peace could be achieved.

As the famous Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa once said, “he who is neutral in the wake of injustice has chosen the side of the oppressor”.

It is indubitable that for peace to reign, justice must prevail.

Whether fighters, frontline leaders or ordinary civilians, each and everyone of us has something to contribute in the ongoing revolution.

Patriotism has generally been proven by history to be a strategic weapon in wining a war of liberation.

If everyone were patriotic in their reasoning, communication and action the Road to Buea would have been shorter than the current status quo.

As the international community calls for ways of promoting values of peace, Ambazonians should learn how to safeguard their interest.

Until this is done, that an atmosphere of peace would be a dream come true in Ambazonia.

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