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Bamenda Arcbishop Entreats Warring Parties to End Ambazonian Conflict



Bamenda Arcbishop Entreats Warring Parties to End Ambazonian Conflict

By Mbah Godlove.

Bamenda’s Archbishop, His Grace Andrew Fuanya Nkea has challenged actors in the ongoing Ambazonian war of independence to seek peaceful ways to bring the conflict to an end.

In a pastoral message addressed recently, the pontiff insinuated that the truce called by some Ambazonian leaders was a commendable action.

“Seeking peace or cease fire is not a sign of weakness or carwordice; on the contrary, it shows maturity and proper care for the fatherland and genuine love for others,” he opined.

The clergy regreated the fact that the poor and vulnerable have been the victims of the ongoing war which is less than six months away to clocking Four years.

” So long as we continue to fight, others among us will use the tragedy to settle scores, to make sinister profits and to gain positions at the expence of human lives and blood,” he added, while stressing the need for the belligerents to find peaceful grounds to put an end to the upheavals that has enveloped Ambazonia.

Archishop Nkea however came under fire for actively taking part in a window-dressing peace caravan organize by the colonial rigeme months ago on the heels of a Biya organized National Dialogue which Ambazonian leaders described as a French Cameroun Affair.

It remains unclear if La Republique du Cameroun would yield to the Man of God’s call given that it violated with impunity a call for Ceasefire three weeks ago aimed at tackling the deadly Coronavirus Pandemic.

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