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Preventive Measure of Self-Deportation to LRC’s Citizens Living in Ambazonia



mass murder scheme in ambazonia




The Interim Government of Ambazonia under the stewardship of Dr. Samuel I. Sako has cautioned citizens of La Republique du Cameroun ”residing within the territorial boundaries of the Southern Cameroons to make immediate plans to leave our country as soon as possible”, returning to their communities East of the Mungo River.

In a drafted letter dated May 10th, reaching BaretaNews desk, His Excellency Sako cited travel warnings already issued by the governments of the United States, United Kingdom, France and the Commonwealth of Nations as what he calls ”material confirmation” as conditions become more perilous and prompting an extreme caution.

Referencing intelligence gathering, Dr. Sako categorically stated that ”the Cameroon government is considering- or planning false-flag attacks against citizens of La Republique du Cameroun” living in Ambazonia, so as to blame such attacks on the Interim Government and Ambazonian citizens for that matter.

Taking a dive into historical events, he mentioned how the Bamilekes suffered a great deal at the hands of Cameroun’s military in the 60’s.

Over a one-year period, two Catholic priests have been murdered, under circumstances spelling ”political assassination”. Just last week, Samuel Kleda, the Archbishop of the Douala archdiocese’s residence was sprayed with bullets. He pinpointed an eye-opening fact that La Republique du Cameroun holds the record of the highest number of murdered Catholic clergies in the sub-Saharan sub-region of Africa.

With the trail of evidence leading to these cases leading back to the Cameroun state. Heinous acts perpetrated by its infamous death squads in a culture of state-sponsored criminality.

Going by the trend of events over the last two years, the Interim Government is concerned that the LRC government could stage similar killings of its own citizens living in Ambazonia. From every indication, the colonial forces of the occupier is hardly a guarantor of public safety and security.

While hoping such an order would be temporary, Dr. Sako warns that citizens of La Republique who chose to ignore it will have themselves to blame. Without the possibility to predict when conditions become favorable, they’re henceforth adequately aware of this reality.





Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst

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