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Colonial Mayhem in Kuke & Baba Mbonge: Ambazonians Count their Loses but Remain Resolute



Colonial Mayhem in Kuke & Baba Mbonge: Ambazonians Count their Loses but Remain Resolute

The colonial mayhem and genocide on the sovereign people of Ambazonia, by the colonial terrorists and their blood sucking regime have intensified in the past days. Every Ambazonian at home is now an endangered specie. Expectedly, the so called “Anglophone” elites are busy partaking in the drinking of the blood being funneled to Yaound√©. On their part, the world bodies that should do the needful, are suspiciously silent, waiting for more to die before they intervene and hypocritically start telling the world how they underestimated what was happening on the ground. The time for Ambazonians to claim holiness is over. The revolution is now about KILL or be all KILLED. Defensive moves must tripled.

If the images and the footages coming from the homeland are anything to go by, then it is time Ambazonians all across the homeland respond accordingly by completely deleting anything identified as overt or covert facilitators of these atrocities.

And so, we are presented with graphic images, footages and stories of how occupier terrorist forces attacked the villages of Kuke and Baba Mbonge, all in Meme County, and annihilating the people as they sleep. According to reports and images coming from the field, a family of 10 was totally wiped out in baba Mbonge.

The terrorists are said to have come in 15 trucks to attack the village, while the people were at sleep, killing 10 civilians almost from the same family, before setting some houses ablaze. Other villagers were able to flee into the forests by the mercies of God.

In Kuke, still in Meme County, the people had gotten wind of the arrival of the terrorists and all disappeared into the nearby bushes. Unable to find the almost 1500 villagers at home, the terrorist forces descended on their homes, raining machine gun bullets and setting the entire village on fire.

At this juncture, it is the candid position of BaretaNews that the people have restrained enough. Whether they continue to restrain or not, they are all marked for annihilation. They must now mobilize and defend themselves by any means possible. It should be dawn on the people by now that they are at war and nobody in a war front protects and pampers an enemy or the facilitators of the enemy. The people of Ambazonia especially in the villages must do whatever they think is necessary to survive this war.

They must not claim righteousness and die while the killers and the facilitators of the killings live to laugh and mocked at your corpses.

The present situation the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia find themselves appear very strange to them. They have never experienced a war situation before and so they have only turn to express anger, bitterness and indignation, as they are killed by those who claim to be their fellow citizens.

From the gory images and footage coming the the various scenes of mayhem, it is encouraging to see that the people have largely remained unbroken and resolute in their desire to be free from the shackles of LRC colonialism. But it is time they respond to these colonialists and their agents by all means possible. The time to claim holiness is over. It is a hard lesson the people MUST learn in other to survive this war. They MUST KILL or BE KILLED. It is no longer a joke.

From the villages to the cities in Ambazonia, the people must identify all the colonial agents and their collaborators and deal with them squarely. It is a survival strategy. Do not sit and say the blood sucking colonial regime will be tried for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court (ICC). Circumstantially, the bitter truth is that you may not even be alive to witness such a trial.

Yesterday was Kembong, Kwakwa, Muyenge and many others. Today is Kuke, Baba Mbonge and others which we are not yet aware of, and tomorrow may be your village, town or city. No playing to the gallery anymore.

The people must defend themselves. Flush out the colonialists now and live free or be killed in your sleep or by a stray bullet, while the rest are continuously taken into slavery, as the colonialists celebrate in their camp and country. You must not have a gun to fight. you own your various communities and you know what to do.



James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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