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ENAM carries out face cleansing, expels 5 students



The National School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM, has expelled five students from its institution following a decision of the disciplinary board on July 21. They were caught cheating during promotion examinations into the second year of the institution. They include three Cameroonians and two foreigners from Chad and the Central African Republic.


This report is contained in the local French language daily, Mutations. They went further to reveal that one of the dismissed includes a popular Ngoundere-based Cameroonian billionaire, Alhadji Abbo, who was reportedly caught with pre-prepared material by invigilators during the exams on July 12. He was caught consulting material from his mobile phone


A Cameroonian student together with his Chadian mate, of the taxation division, were accused of stuffing their pockets with the pre-prepared material during the examination session of July 13.


The remaining dismissed students were reportedly found guilty of sneaking in various unauthorized materials into the examination room, in outright contravention of exam rules.


BaretaNews applauds the management of the institution for doing a ‘cleansing’ job. We hope this action goes beyond this current act such as tackling corruption and admissions into the institution.


God is still saying something.

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