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20th May: The First Sin Of the Republic








20th May: The First Sin Of the Republic

The first ever problem started from 20th May. The people of the former British Southern Cameroons despite being refused the 3rd option on 11th February 1961 voted gracefully and wilfully to join an independent La Republique Du Cameroun on some terms which we know have and never been respected. Instead, through manoeuvres, La Republique crossed over and annexed the territory with support from France and UK.

The first ever mistake then was that Foumban failed to consummate the marriage to actualised the union in line with U.N. Charters which defined how political unions should and must be. Southern Cameroonians never protested, in fact its leaders enjoyed the social life of Foumban girls and forgot their duty. They went on to live peacefully but not in peace because every where the people were in chains. Their master , La Republique was in charge.

The problems of the Cameroons started from May 20th, 1972. The event was not only unconstitutional, it was a lie from the first lie which came from Foumban conference and all these while until the 90s when Anglophone Nationalism rose up and each time it was quenched with cosmetic solutions. All opportunities to address it then was neglected despite the push from some “Anglophones”. A move which gave birth to the Southern Cameroons National Council-SCNC as well as multiple movements. Today, a new generation is born. They are different from their parents. The Ambazonia DNA has been activated. It lives in them and they have said enough and Ambazonia must be restored. A historical blunder must be corrected.

Take note that 20th May is not only a fraud, it is a day of enslavement, the day the good faith our parents exhibited in joining them were dashed and led to several calamities. It’s a day of shame and deceit. As far as Ambazonians are concern, it is a nonexistent day. A day to be shamed and cursed but may be a day to thank God because it was the first sin of la Republique that gave birth to what has been called the “Anglophone Problem” which has helped us and culminated in the quest for the restoration of Ambazonia so that finally we can correct 11th February blunder .

The present war has its roots from 20th May. A war which they declared upon us not even in December 2017 as colonial Biya did. The war was declared a long time ago. Because of 20th May, an economic war was declared on us as they shattered our economy, destroyed our infrastructures then loot and steal our resources. Because of 20th May, a political war was declared upon us where they destroyed all our political institutions and made us dependent on them leaving us like beggars in our own land. Because of 20th May, a social war was declared upon us as they rendered our people handicap, take our finances which kept families under a particular poverty line, destroy our bank systems, destroy our strong social, family and sanitation fabric we used to enjoy in the then ‘West Cameroon”. Because of 20th May, our educational institutions have been shattered and the GCE Board cannot operate with its full potentials, universities cannot exploit its full potentials, a funny type of language is used to teach in schools and our once technical education and vibrant institutions destroyed. They stole our potentials to develop as nation. They robbed us as a people. Because of 20th May, they declared a health war on us. Our people needed to travel several hours to do a simple document as well as getting adequate health facilities, they destroyed and privatised our institutions and caused the death of most of our parents and yes because of 20th May, they have now declared a physical war on us where our communities are burnt, parents burnt alive, heads chopped off, many death as a result of gunshots, several maimed with damaged faces, legs, body parts etc, many massacred and mass graves, internal and external refugees and the PEOPLE have now said #NEVERAGAIN- we will mourn and cry our losses but we will fight blood by blood, iron by iron until we reclaimed what rightfully belong to us.

Therefore, by natural and unnatural law, 20th May in Ambazonia has been banned, it’s a no go area. Anyone whether a unionist, Federalists who go out to celebrate this day, has openly declared himself/herself an enemy to the people of Ambazonia. Anyone stepping out on this day is celebrating a lie, and is a nuisance to the people. It is not about boycotting the day. Boycott means you are angry and maybe next time you will participate. It is about an indefinite ban and no living soul in the history of Ambazonia must celebrate this day because a reminder of it gives us the message of a captured people. The day our nakedness were exposed and shamed.

2017, 20th May no celebration was a huge success. Mindful of the fact that we know that some stubborn schools, individuals especially Camerounese and ‘frenchified Anglophones’ in some cities will still dare the revolution, it is in their own interest to stay home and not even punch the anger of the restoration forces because there shall be consequences.

20th May is a black day, a true citizen from former British Southern Cameroons even without a separatists ideology will stay home.

Worthy of note, the Southern Cameroons is a war zone and on such days, the forces will be out to ensure that the laws of the land are respected.

Let it not be said it was not said.

Mark Bareta

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