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Africa is one of the finest continent on earth. The continent is full with large natural resources yet one of the poorest continent in terms of livelihood and human development. This is so because a few greedy people have confisticated its wealth with tacit collaboration from the West who are geared towards protecting their interest only. My take is that it seems Africa is still in the dark ages, while other continent create regional alliances to create forces, Africa states are more of a unilaterally one state affair. The people across Africa do not feel for each other, there is no concern between the people. Despite our common colonial past and series of languages and our common way of doing things as Africans, we have still not found that bond and the need to collaborate to see into it that, the insecurity of one other country is a threat to the security of other countries.

Recently, we have seen the deadly attacks of Charlie Hebdowherein 12 persons were dead. We saw how France responded. We have seen the response of the international community towards this attack. We have seen how the press reacted to these attacks. We have seen some African head of states sending messages of condolences to France ( fair enough)
The manner of response across the globe has been disproportional when we compare with other attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon etc and even with the open killings of African-Americans in USA. A terrorist is not only one who carries bombs and guns.
The EU in some days time would be meeting and there are already calls to toughen security laws. While I accept with whatever moves the EU might want to do after all they must be seen to protect their people and country. What is AU ( African Union) doing concerning Boko Haram attacks that has claimed thousands of life? The threat has shifted to Cameroon, what is really the response of AU to deal with this new found threats?

Recently, the President of Benin sets a day of mourning for the 12 Paris deaths while hundreds are being killed in Nigeria everyday and he has never said anything? It is clear that African francophone presidents are useless and house boys for France when two presidents (mali and niger) are going to france to join the march  when they have never shown any sympathy for any killings in Nigeria? Shame to francophone heads of state. How many African heads of state have shown sympathy to each other when terrorists struck? And you see the number of other western presidents going to France because of 12 deaths!!!! I am sorry for us Africans. Do not get me wrong, I condemn in strongest terms the attacks by these terrorist in the name of religion. I am looking more at the two side faces shown by world leaders in terms of other lives.

It is time for African leaders to come together now than ever to combat any threat posed to Africa. Africa leaders should not be turning attention elsewhere wherein the reciprocal love is not being shown.

May all lives lost as a result of terrorist attacks rest in peace.

Indeed Je Suis Africa.

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