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Fluid Unity In the Liberation Struggle



Statement of Purpose: Unity in Liberation Struggle.

This is my personal opinion and I hold strongly to it. I have read several posts and articles concerning groups and the need to come together. I personally think there is an issue we are missing here. Everyone long for unity in any struggle but the type of unity is what matters.

In this our struggle, we should not expect solid unity. In solid Unity, I mean we should not expect all the groups to suddenly come together under one central command with one leader giving directives here and there for different components of the groups to carry out. If someone has not told you, then take it from me. It is practically impossible because these groups have different agenda, operational functionalities etc.

The type of unity we should expect from all groups should be a fluid unity. In a fluid unity I mean to say, groups do not attack each other since they are working towards a common goal using different methods. In this light, groups should support different groups to promote their different strategies, they could call on their members and followers who aligned to their ideas to support another group. In this fluid unity, groups should not attack each other. In this fluid unity, groups should work together in achieving certain projects. A typical example is the Consortium. When the Consortium started, different liberation groups though they did not agree with its vision of a two-state federation, they supported the consortium, they pushed its strategies and agenda because it works good for all. Like Chris Anu, Chief Editor of the Cameroon Journal earlier said, different roads will lead to Buea. This is the type of Unity, I want to see amongst groups. Join resources together in projects you can support, if you differ in one other group approach, don’t attack it.

Let’s take a look at the United States. We have the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and many other agencies working for America. Their ultimate goal is to keep America safe. They use different strategies, sources etc to attain same goal-keeping America safe. They collaborate in sharing intelligence and resources amongst them, even when they differ, they do it respectfully and never allow the enemy to come in between them.

Let us steal this from the USA and preach more of a fluid unity rather than a solid unity. If Southern Cameroonians are expecting all groups to come under one central command where activities are done, strategies are asked for groups to be respected then we should expect problems in the future. Fluid unity is the best. Each group should keep on with their activities, align with projects you deem best with other groups and avoid attacking or sabotaging another. This way we keep our Unity amongst us, we concentrate on La Republique and shaming Paul Biya.

This opinion is coming from Mark Bareta, one of Consortium’s leaders. You may want to differ with me respectfully. You are welcome.

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