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Rising COVID-19 Infection Cases In Bamenda: Cause For Concern



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Rising COVID-19 Infection Cases In Bamenda: Cause For Concern

By Mark Bareta

There has been general fear that the non respect of anti-COVID-19 measures in Bamenda, capital of the Northern Zone, may accelerate the infection rate.

Early this week, medical experts from the Bamenda zonal hospital reported that 11 new cases of the deadly pandemic were receiving treatment at the emergency unit.

The revelation comes at a time when many a Bamenda city dweller pays very little attention to the danger paused by the Coronavirus.

It is becoming the new normal, not only in Bamenda, but across Ambazonia that the use of face masks in public spheres is now a matter of choice.

If care is not taken, many more people will contract the disease, health experts have warned.

Ambazonians have therefore been entreated to be conscious of the WHO-prescribed guidelines as they go about their daily activities.

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