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Bali Colonial Church Raid : Did PCC moderator jump or pushed?



Bali Colonial Church Raid : Did PCC moderator jump or he was push?

By Mark Bareta

A cold attitude demonstrate by the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon’s Moderator towards a colonial invasion of a church in Bali Nyonga Local Government Area has attracted wide condemnation.

The wide spread criticism from Ambazonia and beyond come after the moderator, Right Reverend Fonki Samuel has be indicted of siding with the French Cameroun regime.

While human rights groups and other church leaders are condemning in strong terms the recent shootings at PC Ntan-Foang during a Sunday church service, the moderator is rather said to be under minding the gravity of the act.

He claimed that, the attack was masterminded by unknown gunmen who sought to destabilise the church of God.It is on this bases that, some leaders of the PCC have joined their voices with those of Christians to castigate the moderator.They blamed him for covering up atrocities committed by French Cameroun soldiers.

Moderator Fonki Samuel is increasingly being regarded as an ally of the regime of occupation who has no future for the PCC but only minds himself

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