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Oku Residents Stock Homes Hours To Another Monday Ghost Town



Oku Residents Stock Homes Hours To Another Monday Ghost Town

By Mbah Godlove

Inhabitants of Oku, Bui county of Ambazonia are more than ever resolved to Join the rest of the Nation to observe Monday’s ghost town calls this week.

For the first time this 2021, locals in the area both young and old say, respecting ghost town any lockdown course is no longer a matter choice as was the case in recent months.

Earlier this Sunday, August 29, several villagers were spotted rushing to stock their house ahead of the day.

The decision to observe all ghost towns and lockdown in Oku comes barely a week after the Father of the Marin Force, FM No Pity led his soldiers into Oku.

The field martial and his forces had a well-defined mission in Oku: that of restoring sanity and bringing locals to order.

No pity expressed disdain at the fact that French Cameroun soldiers were in control of the locality, causing denizens to disrespect ghost town and lockdown course.

For the last 7days, FM No Pity made the people of Oku come to understand that, they are not above Ambazonian laws, stressing that, Mondays must be off days everywhere in the territory including Oku.

With just a few hours to the dawn of another Monday, all eyes are on Oku to see if FM No Pity’s week-long mission to the locality will be successful or not

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