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7 Colonial Soldiers Rape Lady in Bamenda



7 Colonial Soldiers Rape Lady in Bamenda

By Mbah Godlove

A young girl in Bamenda has revealed that 7 French Cameroun soldiers forcefully made love to her.

According to a videotape circulating on social media, the said lady tells Ambazonian fighters how she visits a colonial soldier-friend and narrowly escapes death.

She explains that on a mission to visit the said guy at the Bamenda 2 colonial municipal council building, the so-called “friend” and 6 of his colleagues forcefully make love to her.

It however remains unclear if this Bambili lady was speaking under pressure from restoration fighters or she was actually assaulted by the 7 colonial soldiers in question.

Human rights activists have condemned the manner with which Ambazonian fighters addressed the victim on the videotape stressing that forcing her to sleep in rainwater should not have been an option.

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