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Restoration Forces Deserve Better from Genuine Ambazonians



Restoration Ambazonia

Restoration Forces Deserve Better from Genuine Ambazonians

As the battle for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia rages on, Ambazonians at home and abroad must not forget to appreciate, support, respect and value the efforts of restoration forces who are standing and putting their lives in the frontline through leadership and in the battlefield. No one was prepared for this battle. Every Ambazonian is a victim of Mr. Biya’s arrogance and blood thirsty intentions.

It is therefore most important that the people constantly encourage and cheer those resisting La Republique’s AK 47 rifles with dane guns and have been succeeding despite the many challenges. Making a mockery, minimizing or under looking their efforts should not be a characteristic of any one who desires Freedom from the colonial fangs of the terrorist Yaoundé regime.

These are selfless gentlemen and women in the homeland, who have sacrificed their livelihoods and abandoned their families to fight the colonial regime in the streets and trenches. They deserve all the necessary respect and support from true Ambazonians. Unfortunately, the people have not given these foot soldiers the most needed cheers.

While some Ambazonians spent their time tireless working to see that they provide both financial, material and logistical support to the Restoration forces through their little contributions, others, who also desire the same freedom, have joined antirevolutionary agents by constantly making noise all over the social media, throwing confusion tantrums, trying to continuously cause division among revolutionary leaders and groups.

Some are desperately concen with promoting acts that stifle any effort that appear to bring understanding among different leaders with diverse opinions, strategies and ambitions. They are also busy exploiting different opportunities within the revolution to enrich themselves at the expense of those putting their lives on the slaughter stone of the colonial regime. The saddest thing about these group of Ambazonians is that they also want to be free from LRC.

Life is sweet, even in poverty. Certainly, there is no body who doesn’t desire to be alive and see a free Ambazonia. That is why even in slavery and hardship, humans still desire to be alive because when there is life, there is hope.

Consequently, for any individual who has decided to put his/her own life on the line for the freedom of others, it is a generous sacrifice that must not be taken for granted by any patriotic citizen or those who have refuse to put their own lives as a freedom sacrifice.

Already, many restoration forces have lost their lives in battle. A few day ago, six of them fell in battle in Boyo and Batibo. However, they did not fail to inflict casualties on the occupier before dying. Innocent citizens both young and old have also been ruthlessly massacred by the terrorist regime for no crime of theirs. Others died in the pains of raging flames. All these deaths, just because of one crime – they are Ambazonians.

As the revolution proceeds, BaretaNews at this juncture is challenging every Ambazonian, from all the leaders of different revolutionary groups, to followers and to the interim government of Ambazonia to prosecute this revolution with their true consciences. For the sake of the dead, whose spirits are still hovering over Ambaland seeking for freedom before they can rest in peace, the wounded lying in the hospitals, the deformed or handicap, the imprisoned, the refugees and IDPs, all actions in the name of Ambazonia must be carriedout for Ambazonia and for Ambazonians.

The diaspora in particular, has the responsibility to determine and define the direction of the history books about their role in this freedom struggle. They must honour, appreciate and generously support the sacrifice of the gallant freedom fighters and also with all the necessary resources – spiritual, moral and financial resources.

These are the only ways to tell the fallen heroes that they did not die in vain.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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  1. Bali Nyonga

    June 28, 2018 at 1:31 AM

    Support Amba boys by donating to mytriptobuea or any defense group you believe in. What difference does saving an extra $1000 have on your whole life instead of donating to restoration forces. Would you rather return to Ambazonia with $99K or LRC with $100. I prefer to return to Ambazonia with $50.000 in my account (live with dignity, good roads, good healthcare system, free democracy) than to lrc with $100.000 in my account (corruption, get ill and die with money in you account because no poor medical attention, road accidents, dehumanization by gendarmes, bribery etc)
    Please don’t be stingy to yourself. Think about where you want to retire to.

  2. BAWA

    June 28, 2018 at 11:11 AM

    I am of the opinion that people should stop funding my trip to Buea until we start seeing the changes on the ground. Dane Guns at this moment of the revolution is Not acceptable.
    I repeat : Dane Guns at this moment of the revolution is Not acceptable and
    I repeat again: Dane Guns at this moment of the revolution is Not acceptable.

    If the IG has nothing to show by now with the little contribution some of us has already made, through the weapons our boys and children are using while scarifying their lives, then its time to call the IG to account.
    This is a period of war, we need a war council and not an IG changing and appointing government every day.

    I will better send my monies directly to the fighters on the Ground rather then contribute any dime to the IG. I am a victim of this war, I have already lost several family members.

    Its time we hold the IG to books, my problem is ground zero,
    No more dane guns
    No more dane guns
    No more dane guns

    • Bali Nyonga

      June 28, 2018 at 2:22 PM

      Sorry BAWA to hear that you have lost several family members. I can only imagine the pain, only you know the magnitude of that pain. Thank you and your family for the ultimate sacrifices.
      To say that people should stop funding MTTB until no more dane guns is not the right thing. How much do you know have been contributed? How much have you contributed? It is this asking for people to not fund it for this or that reason that they are not able to raise as fast as expected. No true, goodwill Ambazonia will campaign against MTTB, except some sick, self-centered ones. If everyone follows your advice, how will that stop them from not using dane gun. Have you asked yourself how long it takes to buy a gun, ship and deliver to them. If you have a quicker way of doing it, tell the ASC/RF instead of saying it is unacceptable to use dane guns. You will keep seeing dane guns, especially from new groups that are not yet under ASC and Atanga njis group. You are selling them a divisive tactics. When they read that some Ambazonians are against MTTB because of dane guns, they will fuel this by making groups that will brandish dane guns and make you to produce videos, audios against MTTB. Can you advice ASC/RF and other defense group on quickest way of getting money/material to GZ.
      I am responding to this message assuming that you are a bonafide Ambazonian, not a lrc troll because I do not respond to them. When I find out you are one, you get tuned-out.
      Again, thanks for the sacrifices that your family has made

    • Monkey Kola

      June 29, 2018 at 7:16 AM


      I hope when you guys would be tracked for funding genocide you would not be crying for your mama.

      You are making the bellies of your fake leaders grow fatter each day in the name of donation.

      Keep on supplying bags of marijuana to those poor boys and girls you are fooling in the forest and think you’re wise. I hope you heard what the field marshal was saying after a spliff!

      Those boys and girls are not fighting to later watch you ferry your families you have all the while kept at bay to Buea, and auto-proclaim yourselves president, ministers, directors…once out of the forest and on the way to Buea, those boys and girls are going to be waiting for you at Tiko airport, only then would comprehend that no Anglo fighting for freedom on the spot in Cameroon would sit and watch you guys come in with your funny and varying Yankee accents, product of a mixture between some rare variants of Bamenda accent+Yankee accent=makes me laugh), and rule them. You’re making a big mistake.

      Once banga would not be in those boys’ and girls’ head, they’ll figure out your hoax. Field marshal has just begun to understand some the intricate nature of such games. I can bet you, were it possible for him to take a step back he would not hesitate to go back to civilization, and allow you guys sponsoring from the West to play your own game yourselves.

      I have some NW blood in me, just to make things clear to all those who’ll soon come here and start talking about beti, Biya’s agent, and some other senseless stuffs.

  3. Pompidou Mensah

    June 28, 2018 at 10:32 PM

    Lots of complaints, here are some solutions; every penny donated must be accounted for, we are well educated, no fooling us like the buffoonery in lrc; anybody found embezzling funds for our defence MUST Face the death penalty Mafia style; ground zero contribute too, food stuff,medical supplies, logistics, intelligence ( they know the enemy better; let ground zero tell us how to get defence equipment through small well organized groups who each other well

  4. Amadou sou

    June 29, 2018 at 10:45 AM

    Take the war the enemy. Take the war to Douala, Take the war to Edea, Take the war Yaounde, this is the best strategy in fighting this war. Please Amba warriors, Take the war to the enemy, leave Amba land and take the war to the enemy, after popo would have been no more you can come and declare INDEPENDENCE for AMBA LAND.

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