Ambazonia And France Support For The Tumi AGC






Cardinal Christian Tumi is a household name in Cameroon and even beyond because of his enormous contribution in alleviating the spiritual and social life of his community, his country, and the world at large. The name, Christian Wirgham Tumi hit the limelight in Cameroon in mid nineteen ninety when as Archbishop of the Garoua Archdiocese, he was appointed as the first ever and only Cardinal Cameroon has known so far.

There was total consternation within the Cameroonian Catholic Community in particular and the entire nation in general. So much ink flowed and many voices were raised as two camps with divergent interests expressed their views over the appointment. While some devout Catholic Christians, predominantly those of English extraction saw in him a square peg in a square hole and a humble shepherd destined to steer the Lord’s flock to salvation, others, predominantly those of French extraction saw in the appointment an abomination and a sacrilege that an Anglophone should be appointed cardinal to Lord it over a population that is overwhelmingly French-speaking.

The forces of evil immediately went into play to undermine the appointment and some high quarters didn’t hesitate to address petitions to Etoudi against such an appointment. Of course, Etoudi merely rebuked and informed them that the appointment came directly from the Vatican in Rome without any prior consultation with the powers that be in Etoudi. So bitter was their disdain and frustration that it was even rumored that an ostentatious limousine that had been “well prepared” was offered to this humble servant of God but he turned it down in preference for a life of lowliness and poverty to which he had pledged his life as a prelate.

Cardinal Tumi upon assuming office actually proved to be the square peg in a square hole as he fearlessly played the role of the watchdog of the Cameroonian society. He actually constituted a check on the moral excesses of the Biya Regime which made him become a target of scorn and outright hatred by the very persons whose moral lives he set out to straighten. As Archbishop of the Douala Archdiocese, he became even the more critical of the Biya Regime and challenged their excesses without any fear or favour. He would raise his voice where even the most courageous army general will prefer to maintain a complicit silence.

When in the year 2000 Mr. Biya in a bid to please his French masters after the killing of a French butcher, Mr. Nourry in Bonapriso, Douala created the much dreaded operational command, he appointed General Philippe Mpay as head of the killer squad. People took advantage of this killer squad to settle individual scores. Nine innocent youths who had a slight misunderstanding with a popular prostitute in Bepanda, Douala were accused by the prostitute of stealing her gas bottle. Because she happened to have been dating one of the commanders of this killer squad, she alerted her killer boyfriend who arrested the innocent youths and had them summarily executed without any trial. Hundreds of thousands of people were arrested and till date, none of their family members has ever set eyes on them again. The whole nation was so cowed that it needed only a man like Cardinal Tumi to challenge the status quo. He stood up tall and bitterly condemned these killings and made fervent appeals to the international community and Mr. Biya was called to order and he disbanded his killer squad after over seven hundred thousand citizens most of them innocent people had been summarily executed.

With regards to electoral fraud, though so glaring, the entire nation for fear of persecution maintained sealed lips and only Cardinal Tumi had the audacity to speak out. He was so critical of Mr. Paul Biya well ahead of the 2004 Presidential election such that some surrogates of the Yaounde Regime accused him of attempting to destabilize Mr. Biya in favour of his kinsman, Ni John Fru Ndi.This phenomenon got to a point where even The Post Newspaper published an eye-catching caption, “Biya bleeds as Tumi’s needle pricks”.

With such a marvelous output in defense of a downtrodden people, one would have expected cardinal Tumi to even be the more vocal and critical of Mr. Biya’s genocide against his own kinsmen but his complicit silence leaves many unanswered questions.

What might have become of this once very vibrant and fearless critic of the Biya Regime? Has he too been compromised or is he just afraid of being taken to the guillotine as well? The answers to these questions lie squarely on the shoulders of his Eminence but what I know is that he has an inexplicable attachment to the regime in Yaounde and has never hesitated to emphasize his position as a convinced federalist.

As S.C.N.C. National Officer for Youth Affairs, I had the responsibility of delivering copies all of S.C.N.C. correspondences to the U.N. Secretary General to Diplomatic Missions in Yaounde and Douala.
I met Cardinal Tumi for the first time in December 2013 in his Douala Archdiocese office when I went to hand him a copy of a petition addressed to the U.N. Secretary-General on the position of the S.C.N.C. with regard to Mr. Biya’s planned celebration of the 50th anniversary of the so-called reunification of Cameroon. I met him in the presences of a teenage girl and when I explained the purpose of my visit, he told me bluntly that he does not support secession but favours a federation. I tried to point it out to him that the S.C.N.C. was not seceding from La Republique du Cameroun but fighting to restore the confiscated independence of British Southern Cameroons but he refused to give me a listening ear. Mr. Nfor Ngala Nfor, presently in chains in the gendarmerie Headquarters in Yaounde had equally given me a book he had written entitled, “In Chains for my Country”, for Cardinal Tumi to edit on his behalf. Curiously enough, when I explained to him that the content of the book was predominantly on the S.C.N.C. struggle for the restoration of Southern Cameroons’ confiscated independence, he returned the book to me that he won’t have time for such a demanding exercise. I left his office in a dejected mood but consoling myself that he probably did not want to expose his mind on the Southern Cameroons question in the presence of this teenager who might later on expose him.

However, after the eruption of the crisis in November 2016, I again took a copy of the S.C.N.C’s appraisal of the situation on the ground though addressed to the U.N. Secretary-General to him. I thought with the atrocities committed against his people he might have softened his stance against independence restoration but he still stood his grounds.

Ever since then, the situation has degenerated from a crisis to a conflict and finally to a declaration of war by Mr. Biya against his own people yet his Eminence sees nothing wrong in that. We have seen hundreds of villages burnt to ashes, thousands of people killed, hundreds of thousands living in bushes and over fifty thousand living as refugees in next door Nigeria, yet Cardinal Tumi sees nothing wrong in that. Where therefore is cardinal Tumi’s needle that pricks and causes Biya to bleed? How come it thus that this humble shepherd who was acclaimed upon his appointment as a square peg in a square hole has become a round peg in a square hole? What has become of his vow to defend truth and justice and to be the watchdog of society? How could His Eminence on who many looked up to as the Moses of our time be so indifferent to such heinous crimes against humanity? Your Eminence, where is your dignity that you accept to champion a cause together with other fraudsters cum federalists to take your people back into slavery under a regime headed by cannibals? Do you believe anything good can ever come out of Yaounde that you accept to stoop so low to get so little? At close to 100 years, should you still be afraid of death?

My fellow Ambazonians, whoever will be naive enough to think that Cardinal Tumi and his so called federalists mean anything good for us by convening AAC3 can as well start worshipping Lucifer with the hope of gaining salvation in the end.
As for Barrister Agbor Balla, I can understand his plight. Even though he declared on Equnnox TV in Douala that they are asking for federalism and the government is refusing, there will come a time when the government will want the federalism but have nobody to discuss that with, the limbo he witnessed in Kondengui was so unbearable that he had to compromise his stance.

The case of the Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel is a very peculiar one. Even though this celebrated homosexual has had no political commitment with the Yaounde oligarchy, his romance with that occultist group and the fear of losing the favours he used to derive from it as pastor of the Presbyterian Church Bastos Yaounde, has made him ready to sacrifice over 8 million Ambazonians in exchange for a ridiculous government subvention to mission schools. Chinua Achebe in ‘Arrow of God’ says, ‘The mouth that has sucked can never forget the taste of milk’. Any doubt then why this quartet can never let go of Yaounde their source of milk?

Mr. Biya boasted on CRTV on 31st December, 2016 at the start of the Southern Cameroons crisis that no one can ever tamper with the form of the state; i.e. the one and indivisible La Republique du Cameroun. The U.N. and the international community have time without number called on Mr. Biya to call for an all-inclusive dialogue to seek a solution to the root cause of the conflict in his country but he has paid a deaf ear. Is it this federalist quartet with no political clout that will exert any influence on the Yaounde octogenarian monster who represents the human form of Mount Olympus to soften his position?

The restoration of our confiscated independence lies squarely on our shoulders so we should stop hoping for any solution from the people who enjoy watching the genocide going on in our land. I am saying this out of conviction and I seize this opportunity to apologize to Dr. Simon Munzu for castigating him in September last year when he said Southern Cameroons shall never acquire independence through diplomacy. As a refugee in Nigeria, we have had meetings with several delegations from the so called big nations who come pretending to be sympathetic with our plight and promising assistance in the domains of food and protection.

The first of such meetings was with U.S. Diplomats from their Embassy in Abuja and the Consulate in Lagos on January 10, 2018. They promised to provide us protection from arrest and extradition and equally promised us food items. Not long after they left eight Ambazonians were arrested in Calabar in February and no one has heard anything about them till date nor have we received even a grain of rice as promised.

Another U.S. Delegation again this time comprised of two of its congress personnel came knocking on our doors on June 4, 2018 with the same assurances, yet we are still to feel the impact.

Amnesty international has been to us twice, Paris based Newspaper, Le Monde, London based Daily Telegraph have all got detailed reports about the genocide in ground zero yet their reports are always sugar-coated to please the monster in Yaounde.

Most recently in September, a joined delegation of UNHCR in Geneva and the World Food Programme in Rome came to us with their own assurances but paradoxically explained to us that the more concerned with other areas like Syria and Myanmaar where the crises are most severe. Curiously enough after the meeting, I cornered one of the top U.N. officials from Geneva and asked him if he sees any solution to the war in Cameroon coming from the U.N. with France, a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council with veto powers having vested interests in the natural resources in Southern Cameroons and the man replied in all honesty that we should forget about any solution coming from the U.N. He said the most the U.N. will do is condemn the violence on both sides and press on Mr. Biya to call for an all-inclusive dialogue and that will be all. He further emphasized that the solution to our problem will come only from within our territory.

On Friday 2nd November we had another meeting with the Irish Ambassador to Nigeria. When questioned why the U.N. cannot organize a referendum for Southern Cameroonians to determine their political future, a member of his delegation said it is obvious that Southern Cameroonians will vote overwhelmingly for their independence but France will not let go of the oil. So brethren, any need beating about the bush when we know where the solution to our problem lies? The French say,’’ Tous les moyens sont bons quand ils sont efficaces’’; ‘The end justifies the means’. It doesn’t matter what means we Ambazonians employ provided those means will take us to Buea. We, therefore, have the challenge not to allow any masquerade in the name of AAC3 to hold on Ambazonian soil.

Long live the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Simon Fuh Ngwa
Kumba II L.G.A
Meme Country
Federal Republic of Ambazonia.



  1. Malis

    November 21, 2018 at 2:25 AM

    Thank you very much.

    I like the frankness you use and how you made it plain and clear.

  2. Mukong

    November 21, 2018 at 6:38 AM

    How can you write a thought provoking article and then turn around and mess up everything by saying that Biya declared war on his people? Which people are you referring to. If you mean Ambazonians then you have erred greviously? Honestly, we have never been and will never be part of LRC as this is part of the axe that we are grinding with federalists

  3. Ndifor

    November 21, 2018 at 9:24 AM


    • Dylan

      November 21, 2018 at 10:47 AM

      Ndifor, Mukong is right don’t mention that none sense about us being Biya’s people. And for your comment about diaspora, you need to be careful because those people out there have really sacrificed for us…they are basically feeding their families back home and at the same time, protesting for the world who has finally started paying attention to our plight. They contribute their hard earned money for us to defend ourselves. how many times have you sent food to our refugees in Nigeria?

      I have walked the Nigerian road 18km on foot through the forest three times, some times in the rain just for the course, every time you come out here and read the things that you people write – make you want to hurt somebody.

      You must be an Elite you useless piece of shit talking about Amba boys like that, you are not even ashamed that young boys and girls are sacrificing their lives for your freedom….enjoy your currency and nice ID with food items in Douala we do not need people like you anyway. Continue to remain in your safe haven you coward.

      Buea will be final you don’t know what the boys are planning for you. You will show your contribution to the struggle if not just remain you in LR.

  4. ndolloz

    November 21, 2018 at 9:57 AM

    has Biya himself called for dialogue or demilitarisation? only worthless slave Ambazonians organise conference to please their master,Tumi mightis not God,he is only a man of God to some people,he is no different from any other human being,why should many Ambazonians who are fighting and dying for independence support this fake biya conference Mark Bareta? shame you are contradicting yourself,a weak man sliding towards the negativity,division and witch hunt from Tapang, Lucas etc against the IG which is dangerous because without a reasonable governing body representing the people,everyone becomes a terrorists in the eyes of the international community,no one is perfect, you should work in partnership with any genuine Ambazonian groups to make positive changes without exposure on social media, no one hears or learn anything about lrc strategies on social media! you guys must do your own fight with biya and let other groups do their own part,you people must understand that those who fund ground zero generously are getting fed up with a handful of egoistic,know too much individuals who fund minimum,speak too much and continue to abuse each other especially the IG,leave all leaders alone,focus your energies towards the main Goal please!

  5. Bagu

    November 21, 2018 at 2:56 PM

    Simon duh ngwa you too get sense.wonderful writings. With ambazonia people like you will be great writers and journalists.i Emmy reading your extracts. Kudus to you God bless you and ambazonia

  6. Timchia Terence Afumbom

    November 22, 2018 at 7:44 PM

    Every true government will take the fight to a higher level after seeing pictures like these from Bali, but I wonder if this means anything to the current leadership of the IG.

    There are a few things the IG and those purporting to be leaders of fighters on the ground can do.

    1) Attack LRC command and control centres in Bamenda and Buea. Use all means possible to destroy the Governors and DO offices and military installations.

    2) Send a suicide squad to Douala and Yaoundé for unpredictable sabotage and surgical strikes.

    3) Employ local ways of making bombs and whatever can change the ground game.

    4) Carryout attacks which will force the international community and the government of LRC to have a rethink about the war.

    5) ADF & SOCADEF, if you exist as you claim, stop fighting in villages where LRC has no interest, bring the fight to where it matters most and register your presence. Time for propaganda is over. We have been hearing about ADF forces in Bali and Batibo, but the photos tell a different story.

    We must change the way this war is being prosecuted.

  7. Janice Beyongsi

    November 23, 2018 at 6:21 PM

    The day you SUB-HUMANS who did not invent schools showed your animalistic instincts by ordering the boycott of schools is what doomed your cause. It is not surprising as you NIGGERS never invented the English language but today act more English that the English man and his institutions. White people are busy planning their kids future by starting their education at Pre-K and Kindergarten levels with different head start programs. Sub-human monkeys frustrate a whole generation of innocent kids by burning down schools, threatening kids and then ordering BOYCOTTS in pure dictatorial manner. You achieved your education and now frustrate innocent peasant kids. Most of them have gravitated to peaceful Francophone areas where they continue their education unperturbed. Who is fooling whom??The right to intellectual freedom and EDUCATION is enshrined in the UN Charter .Why do you Baboons think it it okay to breach these rights? Show us the classrooms and other infrastructures you have created and show us any letter from global institutions and bodies accrediting the PUTATIVE Ambazonia department of Education??Do you pay fees for the kids ?PARENTS-YOU AND YOUR KIDS ARE NOT SLAVES TO ANYBODY AND THEREFORE THEY SHOULD ENJOY QUALITY EDUCATION.YOU DO NOT NEED THE IMPRIMATUR OF PEOPLE RESIDENT ABROAD WHERE THEIR KIDS ARE WELL FED AND ATTEND THE BEST SCHOOLS ON EARTH TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO.THESE GUYS ARE INVOLVED IN NYONGO AND OTHER OCCULTIC SOCIETIES .DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM.
    COFFEE BANG FEN_OOOOOOOOOOO!ABE SHU!A BE SHU! Restoration of what FORCES punk ass Mark WIRKI SHIT NTUM???You guys better disband those gangs of baboons and FECAL MATERIALs of Barbarians called Restoration forces. Did you guys ever create Cameroon? Go sleep in trees where you lived when the white man came and discovered you. Nko NGONDZEN KIKIKILAKI!A Yua !ABENI!ABESHU.Nyam Ngiri!Nyam Nwerong !Nyam Fuka!
    Do not FUCKING call this pragmatic NEGROE and SLAVE for it takes a Slave master like Bara and Cho Ayaba and even Anu Tepong SATAN and Tapang Tsing KNKU to know and label or confer SLAVE status on somebody. You have hijacked the people of the North West and South West regions for your macabre NYONGO hallucinating schemes. For two years you and Ambazonia have brought nothing but ECONOMIC genocide in the form of GHOST Towns, TYRANNY and DICTATOSHIP as nobody can exercise their rights to freewill and democracy. Should I mention the rampant destruction and pyromania and thuggery as well as kidnappings for ransom???
    Let me teach you one thing that you PIECES of SHIT Baboons fail to know:
    You were walking butt naked when the white man came in the 1800’s and he helped clothe and feed us for we were cannibals.-No AMBAZONIA then.
    -You were taught the white man’s English and a bit of his institutions were imposed on you but you remained the same barbarians for Cho Ayaba and Bara and all Negroes can be taken out of the Jungle and Graffi lands of Cameroon but the Jungle will never be taken out of them.
    The white man invented the GCE, Common Law system, cars, Twitter, Facebook and computers Facebook, English is his language .
    HOW THE FUCK do you CHILD MOLESTERS who NEVER invented SCHOOL but would rather burn them down and HIJACK/PREVENT Innocent kids from attending them have the guts to even speak?
    You have to know your place ;Chirac -then French President said Democracy is a luxury for Africans and they can ill afford it. Sarkozy said the Africans have contributed nothing to History for they have had the same repetitive cycles of living over centuries. They are right. What has the PUTATIVE republic of Ambazonia created since November 2016 apart from violence, mayhem, NYONGO and cyber-terrorism???
    African countries including Nigeria and Cameroon belong to the former colonial masters like Britain, France, Spain and Portugal. All our president are not independent but only watch the PLANTATIONS that their countries are for MASSA the colonial masters. Thus BIya is not even autonomous but just an OVERSEAR of the plantation or HEAD_NIGGER_IN_Chief; a position some or all of you will never have even if you dream about the utopian Ambazonia until the year 3000!Chief Teze and other chiefs have credentials and are pragmatic unlike you hallucinating about republics that will never see the day!
    Why don’t you guys block Cameroonian petrol exports by deploying your Amba RED Devils and SATAN in the high seas and stop tankers exporting petrol with your ODESHI and Belo Kom Juju?

    What do you expect from a bushman from Kom who has never forgiven the Cameroon gov,t for yanking him off the sports desk at CRTV where he made trips abroad and fortunes in the form of out station allowances? What do you expect from a MONKEY who married his to a Bafoussam lady but pretends to hate his NGGER kith and kin because they were taught French and are called Francophones! What do you expect from a DUMB ass PUNK living in West Virginian mansion with rental property bringing him millions a month yet he preaches economic suicide and genocide for the poor masses of the North West and South West regions? What do you expect from a man who walked naked barely 90 years ago and when taught a bit of English and immersed into English institutions he now claims to be English? What do you expect from a man who is not pragmatic to know that white people created the IMF where he works, the UN and British and French will always secure their interest first and not that of a bunch of fakes, crooks, conmen and madmen called Ambazonia.Ask BOH Herbert if in his sub-human has ever constructed a classroom in Njinikom let a lone supply a borehole to his suffering and fellow poor dirty MONKEYS!The whole world is vindicated by what transcribed over the weekend on the Bamenda-Yaounde Highway.Boh Herbert’s drug addicts and kidnappers seized a caterpillar next to potholes on a road that was being constructed .Instead of filling just potholes they destroyed the road and then proceeded to chop off /mangle buses and also kill two civilians .They lined up passengers and extorted their phones, money and other possessions while destroying their Id cards. The Cameroon Army came to the rescue and the roads where repaired in a flash of lightening. Boh Herbert ,Njoh Limbe, Sako, Mark Bara and online generals and the PUTATIVE republic of AMBAzonia set up by nobody and recognized by nobody has been caught pants down and the chicken has come home to roost. Now Boh is crying wolf and trying or refusing to take blame for his atrocities. Shame Boh Herbert and take responsibility for your Killings, Ghost Town and the Saturday incident. Your PUNK ASS misfits and miscreants vamoosed into the bushes the moment a professional Army arrived! After decades in America and Europe, you guys behave like the VIOLENT Sub-Human MONKEYS online truly vindicates those who say that you can take a Black man MONKEY from the jungle but the jungle will
    1. Sako!
    2. Who elected you “Interim president”? I could understand you as your online PUTATIVE republic can dish out titles to everybody at anytime. The premise of your cause is that of the restoration of Anglo-saxon culture in Cameroon. What did you and francophones wear in 1800?You walked around naked until the white man or British came to the coast and named a beach VICTORIA. Where were you during the Industrial revolution and what did you guys contribute to it? NOTHING. You are a Baboon and lazy dirty poor monkey and African. Stop making life hell for people. You crossed the pond to America but are hell bent on making sure nobody else does. The UN, Commonwealth etc told you in no uncertain terms that their CARCO that they set up -CAMEROON is one and indivisible. End of story. As sub-humans, you had no part in forming the UN, League of nations not to talk of the Berlin Conference that shared us among whites with all of us branded the HEART of DARKNESS! We are still those NIGGERS and CARCO from the HEART of DARKNES and you with your (mis)education and under-education has only confirmed this. How the FUCK on earth did you guys declare war on a professional army whose main job is to kill and nothing else? Accept your casualties for that is the price to pay for raping our boys’ future by arming them with home made guns and sending your pittance of contributions from America to them. France bilks $400 billion from Africa every year and will fight this war to the last atom if you Munjingnis don’t get it. In pure bravado you guys boasted that UN or no UN Ambazonia coined by the fugitive diminutive Gorji Dinka of the BROTHERHOOD of The MOON and STAR Olumba OLUMB will be declared. You went ahead and declared it. After your AS is whipped on the filed you come back unreasonably to shed crocodile’s tears by calling on the international community and UN to intervene! SHAME! You ain’t seen shit yet. Ambazonia-Economic genocide (GHOST TOWNS), Cannibalism and NYONGO sacrifice (Sending young innocent boys to their deaths, Hijacking and Armed robberies and ransoms, Vandalism, monkey behavior, Chaos and disorder, abject penury, ILLITERACY and School Boycotts and Pyromania. Interim President and government my ass.
    3. Chris Anu(TEPONG)-Stop this madness. There is nothing like AMBazonia and there will never be.Fontem, Banwa and Nweh-Mundani was nothing but hostile terrain hills where people lived in bushes with TSE TSE FLIES feasting on them and infecting them with sleeping sickness.Chiara Lubick and Focolare Movement came and set up schools and hospitals and put clothes on your backs .Where wa
    s the Ambazonia that you are restoring today. What did you wear in 1800?What is the difference between you (Anglophjone) and your francophone cousins in Dschang?None.You share one thing though-BIG Dicks, Poverty, Dirt, and MONKEYS from the heart of DARKNES.You guys are now truly living in the bushes of Lebialem-your natural habitiat.I hear your AMBA red devils are defecting in droves as their socalled general is EATING alone and FUCKING, Yest FUCKING and impregnating all young girls and virgins while the boys starve.We are poor, uneducated and chaotic with AMBAZONIa.LIVING in the BUSH and TR

  8. davd

    December 18, 2018 at 11:50 AM

    Wow – so much wonderful sewing to anticipate!! Embraces to you
    Go for see here.

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