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CDC Head Office To Yaounde: Mola Njoh Releases Statement- Resist, Resist, Resist



CDC Head Office To Yaounde: Mola Njoh Releases Statement- Resist, Resist, Resist

Mola Njoh Litumbe is a Senior Citizen of Southern Cameroons and one of the most respected elders in the Cameroons. He fears none and often logically explains the Southern Cameroons question. In regards to the planned moving of CDC Head Office from Limbe to Yaounde, the Senior Stateman has issued a statement. It reads.

Dear Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians)

Since the publication of the text signed by President Biya, nationalizing the CDC, I have tried without success to obtain a copy of the text in English. Even the National Printing Press in Yaounde did not have the text in English so that I could read it before making my reaction.
It is time for all Southern Cameroonians to UNITE against this process of being treated as a conquered

People who do not have equal rights with those from La Republique du Cameroun.

CDC must not be transferred from Southern Cameroons, and I call on all People of goodwill to resist this blatant act of colonizing Southern Cameroons. Further directives will be given after consultation with other political leaders against a move which is clearly unacceptable.

Done in London, this 23rd day of June 2016.


Senior Citizen, Political & Opinion Leader.

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