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Wealth Disparity in CDC: Workers are still “Colonial Slaves”



Hello Brother Mark Bareta and Brother Mbella Moki Charles, CDC is run by our own brothers and sisters from the South and North West provinces respectively. What have they done, that you can point a finger as an achievement? Please don’t tell me about how their beer bellies have grown bigger and they drive the most expensive cars. Let me try my question again; When Our own people have control over CDC, what are they doing to effect change in people’s lives in these areas apart from their families?? Our own people are running the most segregated plantations empires in Cameroon and most probably the world.


On the North Pole is the Senior Service quarters and in the South Pole Junior Service Quarters. This club here belongs to pot belly bourjuers while on my left the labourers den. No trespassing or you will be fired. Can you believe that the same system of divide and conquer left to us by our colonial masters still exist in these CDC camps?
Ain’t you guys ashamed of yourselves that the only time you raise a finger to trumpet out sounds of the alleged transfer of the headquarters of. CDC to Yaounde or Douala, you beat louder notes on your drums because of your morbid hatred of the government?


Mr. Bareta, you go and visit these CDC camps. You will be shocked by the way our people enslave theirs on people. The camps have become even worse than the colonial days. Most camps don’t have electricity or do they have running drinking water. The labourers are squeezed in one or two bedrooms with large families.


CDC camp Tiko

CDC camp Tiko

Their bathrooms are prison types showers with no privacy. Their toilets are pit holes with about ten holes per 30-40 workers and their families. These workers experience the poorest working conditions of any modern day plantation. Contrast this with the Senior Service quarters. Without shame, even bars are segregated between the big fishes and the labourers.
Tennis courts, swimming pools, table tennis and in cases like limbe beaches for the big boys and their expatriate friends and families. Their residential areas sparkling with spotless homes. Large homes with at most three or four occupants. Some of the servant quarters of some of these homes are bigger than the residents of the plantation workers. These big boys have already done their family planning at home while most of them are congesting these camps by fathering babies from anything that wears a skirt. Stories and reports are clearly told how some of these junior workers give in their daughter’s to bosses for sex in exchange for favors.


Have you the audacity to raise your voices now? This to me maybe a blessing in disguise. This may bring desegregation back to our camps where all animals will and must be equal. Please, people of South and North West provinces. Stat raising up your voices with some of these injustices that our own people bring to us. We cannot look in the mirror and every day we blame one man for the ills of the Country. Cameroon is bigger than President Paul Biya or any party. We cannot because of our political affiliations condemn and feed our people with some hate filled biased analyses we call news.

It is also wrong for these biased political pundits to cover up our wrongs that contribute to the problems of the country. The fact is that all large corporations in most developed nations, their head offices are either in the Capital of the Nations or the most vibrant economic centers or cities of that nations.



Why is that?
These are where the movers and shakers congregate. Deals are never made in these camps but the cities l mentioned above. These towns hosting these cooperations are only visited for either assessments or visibility studies or what have you. It is absolutely wrong for us to spread insight information to the public. To me, l find this very disrespectful to our Country Cameroon.

Before l relax my fingers let me say this. For those of us who have had the opportunity to travel and see for ourselves, how third world nation’s are tormented by the world bank, international monetary funds and all other monetary houses we are disingenuously feeding our masses with wrong information. When the IMF, the WB tied the hands of third world countries forcing them to privatize and mortgage their nation’s where were you all!

How many of you dare to write about it talk about it? The question l asked Eric Chinge while he worked in one of these establishments on my live talk radio show in Albany New York was; Mr. Chinge as one of Cameroons top journalist who was so critical of austerity reforms forced on African nations by these foreign banks, what changed your mind to be part of the same organisations you criticized and attacked for destroying the economies of African nations including Cameroon. Is it the money? Have you been bought over?

Mr. Chinge: (pause) “These organizations need some of us in there to change somethings. Mr. Elonge l have to go now…” cutting my interview short because l was almost touching the bones of issues. Since then l have been waiting for that change. Instead, these African nations including Cameroon have been stripped naked.
Our intellectuals are themselves prostituting for money around the world.Let us all use our brains Our positions and skills to draw attention to address the real issues facing our continent.

I will glad to answer any questions.

Elonge Ekalele.

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