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1st January: La Republique Du Cameroun Independence day; SCNC leader addresses Southern Cameroonians



Nfor Ngala Nfor, Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council has addressed an open letter to Southern Cameroonians a day before President Paul, President of La Republique Du Cameroun addressed people from the Cameroons. His letter is dated 31st December 2015, done in Buea, Capital of Southern Cameroons. Highlights of his letter includes:
1. He reminded Southern Cameroonians that 1st January is actually the independence day of La Republique du Cameroun. He wonders within the spirit of his letter why Cameroun does not celebrate her independence day like other nations. He concluded by indicating that, celebration of such an independence day would highlights the independence day of Southern Cameroons-1st October 1961, something the regime does not want.
2. He reminded Southern Cameroonians of their diplomatic moves being currently frustrated by La Republique. Hear him “Yaoundé colonial misinformation and distortion has been taken abroad to sabotage our diplomatic efforts. But every evil has its dooms day. No one can counter Yaoundé’s peddled falsehood and propaganda through paid agents and lobbyists in Brussels, Washington, New York, London, Abuja, Addis Ababa..”
3. He salutes the citizens of Southern Cameroons especially the new awakening, the nationalistic consciousness in the Common Law Lawyers, the Teachers Union, the Commonwealth Journalists Association and the Natural Rulers, among others, that is tearing down the masque, dismantling the Yaoundé imperial propaganda and exposing la Republique du Cameroun annexation and colonial occupation
4. He challenges common law lawyers to formally reinstate the Southern Cameroons Bar Council as a form of defiance and take necessary steps to affiliate with the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA) and others.
5. He reminded Southern Cameroonians that, It is a fact of history that Yaoundé at the UN on April 21, 1961 voted against forming a federal union of two equal states with British Southern Cameroons. By voting against they rejected forming the federal union with us. He continued by stating that the so-called federation of October 1. 1961 – May 20 1972 was a phantom: it was a unitary system enveloped in federation to deceive the world. UNGA Resolution 1608 of April 21, 1961 was never implemented thus no union in conformity with UN Charter Art. 102 and international norms was formed between British Southern Cameroons and la Republique du Cameroun.
6. He salutes the efforts of Chief Nfon Mukete in trying to revive the Southern Cameroons sense of belonging.
7. He concluded by calling on Southern Cameroons to hasten their liberation and restoration in freedom and dignity. He therefore calls on you Southern Cameroonians to bury the blame syndrome, finger pointing, and the so-called NW/SW dichotomy. He went on to say that, what unites them – territory defined in inherited colonial treaties, history, culture, common law, language, world view, among others, are far weightier, tangible and noble than the coloniser’s imposed evil for his prestige and grandeur.
After reading from the Chairman. These are my impressions
1. He failed to give a clear cut road map on the way forward for the movement
2. He failed to remind and speak about those Southern Cameroonians in prison
3. He failed to give a clarion call for all factions to come together for the good of the people
4. He failed to signal what concrete steps the movement did in 2015.
Question: How far can the Southern Cameroons movement go in 2016? Do the notion of an independent Southern Cameroons still resonate within the people of Southern Cameroons? Can there be a shift in strategy within the movement?
God is still saying something.

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