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Reconstruction or Not, Resistance Until Independence: Ambazonia Vice President Yerima



Reconstruction or Not, Resistance Until Independence: Ambazonia Vice President Yerima

By Mbah Godlove

The Vice President of Ambazonia’s Interim Government (IG-CARE) says French Cameroun’s Reconstruction plan in Southern Cameroons is a crime gimmick to continuously enslave the people in their territory. According to Dabney Yerima, whether reconstruction or not, the journey to Ambazonia’s independence is primordial.

Commenting on the visit of the so-called colonial reconstruction agent to Bamenda recently, the vocal independence spear-header stressed that the Biya regime only wants an opportunity to massacre yet other Ambazonians.

“The Biya Beti Ewondo French Cameroun reconstruction plan is a new CPDM crime ploy to keep Southern Cameroonians in perpetual slavery exploiting Southern Cameroonian land and resources,” Dabney Yerima categorically revealed.

The quest for Ambazonia’s independence, the freedom crusader added, would only end in Buea when the colonial regime would have been completely kicked out of the territory.

Since the outbreak of the Ambazonian war of independence in 2016, French Cameroun’s brutal military have been rooted across all the 13 counties of the territory.

They have rained inexplicable havoc on Ambazonians and their property.

Over two hundred villages and towns in the country have been set ablaze with nearly 20.000 Ambazonians killed.

Ambazonians denizens and restoration fighters are now expected to double efforts to kick away the enemy especially at a time President Paul Biya, a man who would have faced charges on war crimes and crimes against humanity has been confirmed dead.

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